19 backlink types

19 different backlink types (outreach strategy 2021)

Backlinks are the currency of the internet. Having high-quality backlinks helps you build your website reputation and rank higher with Google. 

There are numerous backlink types in terms of outreach strategy you can create.

SEO different types of backlinks (in terms of quality)

When building your backlinks you can have two different types of backlinks in terms of SEO value: dofollow and nofollow.

Dofollow backlink will pass referring website authority (link juice) to your site making your website ranking higher. So this is the link you want to get to link to your site.

It is best to get dofollow backlinks from high authority sites with DR over 70. The more backlinks you get the faster your website authority will go up.

Nofollow backlink (nofollow attribute in the link) will not pass a link ‘juice’ to your site. However, with the recent Google algorithm changes, this link is taken by Google as a hint. This means it is possible you get some authority from the linking site to your own site.

A rule of thumb is you should have a nice, natural balance of dofollow and nofollow links on your website.

Regardless of whether it is a dofollow or nofollow link there are numerous strategies to build links to your side.

One of the best tools to build, audit, and manage different backlink types is SEMrush.

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#1 Questions and answer backlinks

Difficulty to get this backlinkdofollownofollow

Question and answer websites are one of the easiest backlink types you can do. These are the websites where people look for answers by asking questions. You can register with one of the below services and start answering questions. 

You can place a link to your blog as long as it is relevant to your answer. Usually, these links are nofollow but they can bring you some good traffic.

  • Quora.com 
  • Reddit.com
  • Answers.yahoo.com
  • Fluther.com 

Below are a few important rules to follow when using a question/answer service:

  • Always answer the question
  • Be respectful
  • Use proper language and check for grammatical errors
  • Don’t copy and paste the same answer many times
  • Don’t add direct affiliate links – instead point to your blog

#2 Help a reporter backlinks

Difficulty to get this backlinkdofollownofollow
difficult, time-consumingdepending on sitedepending on site

Among the most common backlink types is HARO (Help A Reporter Out). You help a reporter by being a source of information. The way it works is you sign up, create your profile and subscribe to get an email directly to your mailbox. 

As a result, you will get a list of topics that reporters search for answers. You can reply to one of them and write a guest post where you include a dofollow backlink to your website.


Backlink Types - haro
Backlink Types – Haro – sample email list

#3 Being an Author backlinks – Guest posts

Difficulty to get this backlinkdofollownofollow
difficult, time-consumingusually yesdepending on site

If you are an expert in some area you can become an author and write for some really good websites. These websites have normally a very good authority with huge monthly traffic.

There are many websites like this. Most of them have a section called ‘Write for us’ where they list their writing guidelines and conditions. 

Normally the way it works is you submit a pitch and wait for the answer. They receive a lot of pitches so it is not that easy to get accepted. Make sure your pitch is unique to attract their attention.


By being an author you may get two different types of backlinks: dofollow and nofollow. It depends on the website you writing for.

#4 Outreach experts backlinks

Difficulty to get this backlinkdofollownofollow
easy as the work is outsourcedyes, but can be expensiveN/A

They are backlink-building services that have relationships with high-quality websites. You can register and buy a guest post or niche edit to these authoritative websites. The higher the domain authority the higher price you pay for a service. 

Also, you can list your website and get paid for guest posts on your site.

Normally their service is very reliable but you may pay up to $150 for a dofollow backlink from a website of DR 50, so it is quite expensive.


#5 Social backlink types

Difficulty to get this backlinkdofollownofollow
medium as it requires social media account managementno, but can bring substantial trafficyes

This is the easiest way to build up backlinks to your site. Every time you create a post you share it on social media.

One of the best platforms to share your content, especially for new blogs, is Pinterest. On Pinterest, you can create a profile, claim your website (to be trusted and visible in all your pins) and create pins that point to your posts.

To extend your visibility even further and build more followers you can use Tailwind – another social platform that works directly with Pinterest. 

The way Tailwind works is you join a community and add your pins to be reshared. You also reshare some of their pins and this way everybody gets more visibility on Pinterest.


#6 Forum and Discussion Backlink Types

Difficulty to get this backlinkdofollownofollow

This outreach strategy is easy too. You can create a real profile on reddit or disqus and participate in the discussion by creating or replying to comments. 

You get a backlink from your profile as well as any link you leave in the comments you made.


This outreach strategy also applies to finding good blog posts or forum posts in your niche and leaving high-quality blog comments. Always make sure your blog comments are related to the post you are in or to the comment you are replying to.

In terms of different types of backlinks, blog, forum, and discussion are usually nofollow backlinks.

#7 Guides backlink types

Difficulty to get this backlinkdofollownofollow
difficult as the guide websites have strict requirementsdepending on sitedepending on site

There are dedicated websites where you can create a step-by-step guide that relates to your business. For example, in the travelling niche, you can create a ‘How to pack before for a trip to California’ or in the gardening niche ‘How to build a shed’.


#8 Presentation backlink types

Difficulty to get this backlinkdofollownofollow
easy if you have a presentation ready to publishdepending on sitedepending on site

If you have a presentation or a keynote with an interesting topic you can publish it and make it available to the public on one of the below sites. 

If you use google docs make sure you set it to public.


#9 Photography backlinks types

Difficulty to get this backlinkdofollownofollow
easy, considering you have photos to shareusually yesdepending on site

If you are a photographer, one of the easiest ways to get backlinks is to publish your photos to an online service. By doing that you have a double benefit as your photos can be purchased and at the same time you get a link to your blog.

Some of the websites will only allow you to list your images but in some (Shutterstock) you can also sell them.

When publishing your photo make sure your link is placed somewhere below the photo and the name of your image and description is relevant to what it displays.

#10 Video backlinks types

Difficulty to get this backlinkdofollownofollow
easy, considering video creation is not a problemno, but can bring substantial trafficyes

These days people tend to switch from traditional blogs to watching videos as it is easier. Getting video backlinks is one of the best strategies nowadays

Every video you post on YouTube or Vimeo should have a relevant description with links to your website.

Actually, links below videos get the most amount of clicks, so why not do it?


#11 Graphics backlink types

Difficulty to get this backlink?dofollownofollow
easy, considering you can draw graphicsusually yesdepending on site

If you are a graphic designer or illustrator you can share your work on some online platforms to get a backlink to your website.


#12 Infographic backlinks

Difficulty to get this backlinkdofollownofollow
medium, as you still have to create an infographicusually yesN/A

Infographic backlinks are one of the best strategies. Why? You create an infographic that covers and summarizes an important topic in your niche. Then, you have two options to share it.

Search and approach bloggers by a keyword

Approach bloggers by searching them by keyword you created your infographic for. After creating a list of websites you can send them an email like this:

Hi there,
I noticed you have a good article about <topic> on your website.
I recently created this custom <topic> infographic that would be perfect to place in your post.

This is completely free. In exchange, I only get a link to my website.
If you decide to use it directly from my image link just put a reference to https://yourwebsite.com/

Just use the code below to view infographic on your website:
<embeded infographic code>

Upload your infographic to an infographic website

Some of these websites are free and some offer a paid service. If you use a paid service (depending on the plan you selected), they may share your infographic on the main page and/or social media.


The good thing about infographics is that you create just one image and if it is good it can be shared by hundreds of people around the world with a backlink to your site.

#13 Request technical help backlinks

Difficulty to get this backlinkdofollownofollow

This technique is an interesting one. You simply pretend you need help with your website and ask for it in one of the technical forums

This strategy works well but make sure you really describe your problem so the moderators will not consider it as spam and block your account. 

Note that many people try to stuff in backlinks in good forums to get a backlink back to their site. This will not work and you simply get banned from the site.


#14 Provide technical help backlinks

Difficulty to get this backlinkdofollownofollow

This is the opposite technique. If you are a technical expert you can provide your services in one of the technical forums. You can simply answer technical questions from the community and link back to your site.


#15 Buying expired domain backlinks

Difficulty to get this backlinkdofollownofollow
difficultno, but it can bring substantial trafficyes

This is a back door technique but it still works very well. With a help of a tool, you can identify websites or videos that have links from expired domains. 

One of the best approaches is to find YouTube videos that have links in the description from the domains that have expired. You can buy these domains and redirect traffic to your website.

This technique can sometimes bring you thousands of visitors from just one video.

One of the tools you can use to find expired domains on YouTube, Wikipedia, BBC, or Quora is MyTrafficJacker. This tool allows you to type a keyword and find all videos or articles with expired domains. 

If the video has a lot of viewers or the article domain has a lot of traffic you can simply buy that domain for $10 and redirect traffic wherever you want. As simple as that!

Click here to try MyTrafficJacker.

Backlink Types – MyTrafficJacker 2.0

#16 Broken link backlinks

Difficulty to get this backlinkdofollownofollow
difficult as you have to find them and create a new articledepending on sitedepending on site

In this strategy, you get a list of authoritative sites for a given keyword. Then, you use a tool like SEMrush to identify broken links. Next, you create a relevant, good-quality article to replace a link with a broken link. 

In the final step, you approach the site owner. You say you found a broken link on their website and you have a high-quality replacement link they can use.

Very often they will be happy to replace the link and as a result, you get a dofollow link to your site.

Finding broken links is not an easy task to do. One of the options is to use a chrome extension like “Broken Link Checker” or “Check My links”.  Once you install one of the extensions you can type URL and navigate to a site. The extension will highlight all broken links if there are any.

This process, however, is very slow. I will take you days to find broken links. One of the best tools you can find broken links in bulk is SEMrush.

SEMrush Broken Link Analytics

Click here for an exclusive 14 days trial with SEMrush

#17 Talk show backlink types

Difficulty to get this backlinkdofollownofollow
mediumdepending on sitedepending on site

If you are in the music industry and you can talk about it, maybe you can have a talk show. There are plenty of sites that will accept your show. They will give a link and send it to your customers in the process.


There are plenty of sites like this. Simply search for the keyword ‘host my talk show’

#18 Music backlinks

Difficulty to get this backlinkdofollownofollow
easy if you have music to sharedepending on sitedepending on site

If you are a musician and play an instrument you can post your music to one of the online platforms. You add your link to your profile, about, or info page.


#19 Content curation backlinks

Difficulty to get this backlinkdofollownofollow
easydepending on sitedepending on site

Content curation is putting your best articles in a concise package and sharing it with the world.

I personally use Flipboard as they offer a great service for free. You simply create an account and register as a publisher. You have to provide them with an RSS feed so all your posts will flow automatically to Flipboard.

There is an approval process that can take up to a few weeks but it is worth it. Make sure your feed does not have errors and your application will be approved.

Inside Flipboard, you can create magazines and feed them with posts from any website or social media. It is a great service that will give you backlinks and traffic.


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