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20 Best Chrome Extensions for Bloggers

One of the benefits of using Google Chrome as your browser is an extensive library of Chrome extensions for bloggers that can help you in blogging but also in some simple web activities you are doing every day.

Considering there are so many Chrome extensions available it is very subjective to decide what is the best for you.

Best Chrome Extensions for Bloggers

The Chrome extensions that I listed below are those I use in my blogging every day. They save me a lot of time, and by using them I can speed up my work and create better quality content while saving time.

So, let’s start.

Website Ranking and Traffic Statistics

#1 Ubersuggest

Ubbersuggest is an SEO tool developed by the Neil Patel team. The tool itself is free to use but limited to three searches per day. The Ubersuggest Chrome Extension, when activated on any web page, will display all the website statistics on the right-hand side.

The number of websites you can check is limited daily (I think you can run at least 20 searches). What I like most about it is that it also creates a statistics line under every website title in Google web pages listing, so you don’t need to click on the extension to activate it.

Best Chrome Extensions for Bloggers - Ubersuggest
Best Google Chrome Extensions for Bloggers – Ubersuggest

Ubersuggest database is not as huge as in SEMrush, but it will provide enough information about the website. If you have a new website, the statistics should come after a few months, but that obviously depends on how often you post and how much traffic you get.

#2 SimilarWeb

This Chrome extension also shows website traffic and key metrics and it has a nice display interface. The ones I like most are the global, country, and category rank, visits over time, geography, and traffic sources.

I noticed though, that for new websites it does not work for a while, so I normally use SimilarWeb for established websites that I intend to write a guest post for.


SimilarWeb as a standalone tool is free to use with a basic package of 5 search results per metric, 1 month of mobile app data, and 3 months of web traffic data.

#3 SEOquake

SEOquake is a free plugin based on SEMrush data that provides you with organic search data right from the Chrome toolbar. It can be activated on any website displaying SEO audit, keyword density, internal/external link analysis or social metrics.

SEOquake is a free tool. However, I found that like SimilarWeb it will not show new websites for a while.


In summary, if you want to stick with a free website rank checker my favourite in terms of design is SimilarWeb, but for any new website, I always use Ubersuggest as it will show first statistics after only a few months.

#4 Block Yourself from Analytics

I always install this extension first when starting a new website. 

When you work on your website you really don’t want any statistics to be sent to Google Analytics as it will give you a false picture. There is a way to block your IP address using filters in Google Analytics, but I found it sometimes does not work.

Block Yourself From Analytics
Block Yourself From Analytics

With this extension, no data will be sent to Google Analytics from the computer you are working on.


#5 Grammarly

You perhaps heard of Grammarly already, but if not, this tool is one of the best grammar check software on the internet. When I started blogging in the past, I was using Google Translate, but I was very slow as I had to copy the text between Google Docs, where my text was, and Google Translate.

When you install the Grammarly Chrome extension it will work with any page in Chrome, including social media. Whether you want to use Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, Grammarly is embedded already and will give you corrections immediately after you type.

Read more about Grammarly.

Grammarly in Facebook
Grammarly in Facebook

Grammarly also works for Windows, Microsoft Office, or iPad. The best part though, for blogging, is that it also works with WordPress, or any website building tool so your mistakes can be fixed on the spot.

There is a premium version that offers a plagiarism checker, word overuse, word redundancy, text confusion suggestions, and many more. If you are a journalist or guest post blogger, Grammarly Premium could be an extension to think about.

#6 Evernote Web Clipper

Evernote is a great, free tool to store your notes, screenshots, and links in one location. You can also store files, create tags and share your notes.

Premium version has additional options like email forwarding, Office docs and PDF search, PDF and image marking, advanced PDF export options, team management and collaboration.

Evernote Web Clipper
Evernote Web Clipper

Evernote Web Clipper in a Chrome extension that allows you to clip an article, page, create a bookmark, or take a screenshot and save it as a note under your account.

The best part I like is when you take a screenshot you get additional options to edit the picture by adding text, arrows, highlight part of the content, stamps, or others. It is a very useful tool.

#7 WordCounter

I use this extension when doing On-Page SEO. When you want to out beat your competitor’s website you often check the length of the article and compare it with yours. Then, you make sure you write a longer, better-quality article to get a better rank.

Best Chrome Extensions for Bloggers - WordCounter
Best Chrome Extensions for Bloggers – WordCounter

This extension works under the right mouse click so it is super easy.

#8 Google Docs Offline

Google Docs Offline is one of my favourite tools for blogging. I normally have an internet connection, so I normally use Google Docs online, but the offline version is great when you don’t have internet. 

You can work offline and the extension will sync your work with the online account the moment you get the internet.

Best Chrome Extensions for Bloggers - Google Docs Offline
Best Chrome Extensions for Bloggers – Google Docs Offline

Website Look & Feel

#9 WhatFont

This Chrome extension is very useful when you want to improve the look and feel of your website. Let’s say you don’t like your fonts, but you found a website or a blog that use the font you like. 

WhatFont will help you with identifying the font by simply hovering the mouse over it on any website. The font name is displayed and you can use this information on your website.


#10 ColorZilla

ColorZilla is a smart graphical tool that assists web developers and graphic designers with color related tasks with the goal of improving website look and feel.

It has a range of helpful tools that include eyedropper, advanced color picker, CSS gradient editor, color analyzer, palette viewer, and many more.

ColorZilla was first developed by Firefox developers with over a million downloads. Now, ColorZilla is available in Chrome.


Email Marketing

#11 Hunter

Hunter helps to find email addresses on any website. Once installed, you click on Hunter and it displays all emails found on the website with its confidence level.

Hunter also shows all email sources by page. This Chrome extension is very useful when outreaching other bloggers for backlinks or guest posts.

Best Chrome Extensions for Bloggers - Hunter
Best Chrome Extensions for Bloggers – Hunter

#12 MailTrack

MailTrack is an extension for Gmail to track your emails. After you install it and connect to your Google account, you can immediately see if your email has been read, track the number of clicks, and how many times the recipient has opened it.

Best Chrome Extensions for Bloggers - MailTrack
Best Chrome Extensions for Bloggers – MailTrack

I found this extension very useful when approaching other bloggers for guest posts. 

Sometimes you send a guest post enquiry and you don’t get an answer for a long time. What can really happen is the recipient was too busy to read your email yet. 

Thus, as a result, you don’t resend your email asking ‘Have you read my email…’ but rather check first if it was already read.


#13 NoFollow

NoFollow is a very useful extension to see immediately if links on the website are dofollow or nofollow. Nofollow links will have a red border and dofollow links remain as they are.

There are predefined CSS Styles that you can select or update with your code.


#14 Broken Link Checker

In blogging, knowledge about broken links is very important for two reasons. Firstly, you want to know if your website doesn’t have any broken links, and secondly, you can scan other websites for broken links and use this information for your benefit.

Best Chrome Extensions for Bloggers - Broken Link Checker
Best Chrome Extensions for Bloggers – Broken Link Checker

Looking for broken links on other websites is one of the best techniques to create more backlinks. Once you found a broken link, you can contact the owner of the site saying:

Hi Tom,

I found this broken link on. Also, I recently created an article that is about this topic but it also covers A, B, and C. 

Your readers can really benefit from your article and my additional information.

Please let me know if you are interested, so I will send you my article


There is a good chance they will use your link and replace the broken one.

Broken Link Checker is the easiest and fastest way of identifying broken links on any website.

Social Media

#15 Buffer

Buffer is a great free tool to automatically schedule your posts on social media. Currently, you can do it for Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest.

You can schedule your blog posts instantly or put them on the calendar for later. Because it works as a Chrome extension as well, you don’t need to leave the tab you are working on. You simply click on Buffer and it will automatically redirect you to the right space under your account to schedule your blog posts.

Best Chrome Extensions for Bloggers - Buffer
Best Chrome Extensions for Bloggers – Buffer

#16 Tailwind App

Tailwind App is a Pinterest extension tool to help you spread the word about your pins to many more people on Pinterest and build your audience. 

First, you create a Tailwind account and navigate to the app. Then you find your niche communities and start resharing their pins on your boards. Soon, your pins will be reshared by other Pinterest users and more people will start seeing your pins.

Tailwind Communities - Request to Join
Tailwind Communities – Request to Join

#17 TubeBuddy for YouTube

TubeBody is a must extension for any blogger that uploads videos to YouTube. This extension has productivity tools with guides about the best YouTube Practices, bulk processing tools, video SEO tools, promotion tools, and data & research tools.

If you upload a lot, you can consider a premium version to get your channel to the next level. There are more than 1 million users of TubeBody.

TubeBuddy for YouTube
TubeBuddy for YouTube

Being Organised

#18 OneTab

How many of us open hundreds of Chrome tabs? Sometimes we have so many tabs open that we don’t even see what website they link to as the tabs are automatically shrunk. 

OneTab solves this problem. The moment you realise you have too many tabs open, you can click OneTab icon and they all are converted to a list.

You can restore them all or individually.

Best Chrome Extensions for Bloggers - OneTab
Best Chrome Extensions for Bloggers – OneTab

When you have all tabs saved in OneTab list you can save up to 95% of memory.

#19 Save to Pocket

If you want to have all your articles, videos or anything on the web, save in one, centralised location, Save to Pocket is the way to go. 

It is especially useful when I find an article that I don’t have time to ready at the moment. I simply Save it to Pocket with the mouse right-click and later, when I have time, read it.

Actually, you can save it three ways: click the Pocket button in the toolbar, using keyboard shortcut CTRL+Shift+P (Windows) or Command+Shift+P (Mac), or with the right mouse click.

Best Chrome Extensions - Save to Pocket

Also, you can see all relevant stories for the most content you save or even find stories in Pocket itself.

So, as a result, you can use Save to Pocket as a central source for the staff that interests you.

#20 Stay Focusd

StayFocused helps you to be more productive by limiting your time on time-wasting websites.

The extension allocates restricted time to the websites you want and once you have used them all the time, the websites will remain inaccessible for the rest of the day.

Best Chrome Extensions for Bloggers - StayFocusd
Best Chrome Extensions for Bloggers – StayFocusd

Best Chrome Extensions – Executive Sumary

As you see there are many Google Chrome extensions for bloggers that can ease your life. I am not saying you have to install all of them. Select the ones you like and save time in all the different blogging activities you are doing every day.

I recommend to disable or uninstall extensions that you don’t use as they may slow your Chrome browser.

I hope you found this article useful. If you know of any other Chrome extensions for bloggers please drop a comment. I would be happy to add it to this article.

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