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Best web hosting services 2021

When you decide to start a website it is almost impossible to visit and check all individual web hosting providers and select the best web hosting for your website. 

This article will list the best hosting services that I have used myself or have a very good reputation for. I will also provide the best recommendations depending on your blog needs.

By reading this article you will learn:

  • How to select the right web hosting for you website or blog
  • How to save money at checkout with the most significant discounts

What is the Best Web Hosting?

The best web hosting features are very good site speed, uptime (should be as close as possible to 100%), easy to use, security features, and additional services (e.g. Cloudflare CDN). My top picks web hosting sites that fulfill all criteria are: SiteGround, Bluehost, Cloudways, WebHostingPad.

Best web hosting companies give you an introductory discount to start your website. I think this is fair, as we all know when you start, you will not get much traffic, thus your website will not generate any income. 

I would suggest if you have a good business plan, it is better to initially sign up for more than one year considering this type of discount is available.

Below are my top picks for best web hosting in 2021


WordPress recommended best hosting service and best customer support (starting from $6.99/month)

SiteGround was founded back in 2004 and it is definitely one of the top website hosting providers. It is reported they service more than 2000000 domains worldwide. They provide shared hosting, cloud hosting, and enterprise solutions. 

On top of it, they also offer email hosting and domain registrations. Wikipedia says they hired over 500 people in 2019, so we can see the company is growing well and we as bloggers can plan for the future with their reliable and fast service.

Siteground - super fast and reliable

Unlike many web-hosting providers, SiteGround guarantees 99.99% uptime and this is super important if you want to have a reliable service. Another important feature is SiteGround load time at an average of 700ms which lands them in the top 7 best web hosting providers.

If you are interested in other services, SiteGround also offers WooCommerce hosting, enterprise, and cloud hosting.

All plans come with a 30 days money-back guarantee.

SiteGround best features summary

  • Very fast servers: all SiteGround servers are equipped with the latest hardware and custom software and they are optimized for speed
  • Best Customer Support – 24/7 support is everyone needs in case your website breaks down; they offer phone, live chat and ticket-based support
  • Free CDN and SSL – you can instantly set up Cloudflare free CDN and SSL certificate
  • Multiple Server Location – SiteGround data centres are located in three continents and you can decide the best location during your setup
  • SG Optimizer – free WordPress plugin to speed up your website: super cache, environment, image and frontend optimisation. Also, if you connect CDN from Cloudflare you can do full page caching. Finally, it has a speed test. By using SG Optimizer you don’t have to use many other plugins to do the same job.

How to Save with SiteGround

Wait for a sale to get a discounted price. Normally they offer a 12 months plan, but if you find a deal for 24 or 36 months definitely take it to secure your hosting for up to 3 years.


Powerful web hosting at affordable cost (starting from $4.20/month)

Bluehost, similarly to SiteGround services over 2000000 domains around the world. It is the largest hosting company in the world. They operate its services on all in-house servers in a Utah facility employing over 750 people. 

Bluehost - cheapest on 36 months plan

When you purchase a basic hosting plan you get one free domain name, 50 GB SSD storage, website builder, and one-click WordPress installation. 

The site is super easy to use and is also recommended as the entry-level best web hosting provider that is reliable and secure. Bluehost has 99.99% uptime and also they have a super-fast load time of 400ms which places them in the top 5 web hosting companies.

If you are interested in other services, Bluehost also offers WooCommerce hosting, enterprise hosting, and dedicated servers.

All hosting plans come with a 30 days money-back guarantee and the moment you purchase, you can immediately start using the service.

Bluehost best features summary

  • Very reliable – Uptime of 99.99% and load time of 400ms
  • Super cheap on a 36 months plan
  • Free CDN and SSL – you can instantly set up Cloudflare free CDN and SSL certificate
  • Multiple apps support – WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, and several open-source

How to save with Bluehost

The best option to save money with Bluehost is to purchase a 36 monthly plan for a super discounted price (presently $4.20/month). This is definitely a bargain considering you are going to extend your hosting time after 12 months anyway.


Best Managed Hosting (starting from $10/month)

Cloudways main goal is to simplify cloud-managed hosting. Instead of installing an application on services like Google Cloud or AWS, Cloudways act as a wrapper to make this process as easy as possible even for non-developers.

In a sense, Cloudways is a bit different platform to SiteGround and Bluehost. It is a robust cloud hosting platform that enables bloggers, designers, developers, or agencies to deploy and manage applications on Google Compute Engine, Digital Ocean, Linode, Vultr, and Amazon EC2 servers. 

Cloudways installs and optimizes all necessary software on the above servers. If you are a developer you do not worry about installing PHP, MySQL, or Linux as Cloudways does it for you.

Cloudways - best for developers

Using Cloudways, you will definitely have more control over what tools to use and what servers to run your website on. The service is very configurable with a lot of features listed below. At any point, you can scale up and down by changing options like RAM, CPU Cores, storage and bandwidth.

They offer 24/7 support through live chat, ticketing system, along with their active community and knowledge base.

Cloudways best features summary

  • Excellent Optimized Performance – supercharged cloud hosting performance with top-end technologies including advanced cached and CloudwaysCDN
  • Selection of Servers – install on Digital Ocean or Amazon EC2 for best performance
  • One-click app installation – WordPress, Magento, WooCommerce, Drupal, Joomla, Prestashop or other PHP applications
  • Free SSL – also you can add custom certificates
  • Automatic backups
  • Advanced caching
  • Billing Types – you can set up hourly billing type
  • CDN add-on

How to Save with Cloudways

Cloudways offer a free 3 days trial for their basic plan and this is perhaps enough time to know the platform and see if this is for you. After a 3 days trial, the cheapest is the DigitalOcean plan that starts from $10/month.

WP Engine

Best managed hosting on the internet (starting from $27/month)

WP Engine is a definite leader in managed web hosting. Founded on WordPress, they are an award-winning service and a professional ecosystem of partners and developers to power your site. 

On their platform, they use 30 open source technologies to bring changes and innovation faster to their competition.

WP Engine

WP Engine partners with big names like Google Cloud, AWS, New Relic, Cloudflare, and HubSpot.

When you purchase any plan with WP Engine you get 36+ StudioPress Themes to get you started.

In any WP Engine plan you will get for free:

  • Free CDN and SSL Certificates
  • Migration tool – especially useful for customers to move their web hosting after their site has grown significantly
  • Git and SFTP Connectivity
  • One-Click staging environment
  • Dev, Stage and Production Environments
  • Automated backups
  • 24/7  Customer Support

The above features are just the highlights of the full and reliable feature toolkit.

WP Engine looks a bit expensive when compared to other web hosting providers but that comes with an excellent service. 

I really recommend WP Engine managed hosting for customers whose websites have grown and the current web hosting provider does not cope with the traffic.

WP Engine offers a 60-day money-back guarantee so you can really test the platform and check if it suits your needs. 

If you buy through the link below you get a discounted price of $27/month.


Best web hosting for small businesses –
All in one service and very cheap web hosting  (starting from $1.59/month)

WebHostingPad is a service for everyone who is looking for the budget best web hosting with an all-an-one services package. They offer a free domain name, free Weebly website builder, unlimited email addresses, free SSL, one-click WordPress installation, and scalable hosting plans. 

If you are after an eCommerce site you can choose from many eCommerce storefronts, add products and prices, and start selling online quickly.

WebhostingPad - cheapest and reliable

Interestingly, their uptime time is 99.9% so they seem to be a very reliable hosting platform. 

Considering that this web hosting company offers all the required services you might need to start your blog or eCommerce site, and it is very reliable, it is a perfect startup web hosting provider for anyone who is new and wants to grow their business.

WebHostingPad best features summary

  • Super cheap – at present starting from $1.49/month (Christmas Sale) – normally $1.99/month
  • Reliable – 99.9% uptime
  • Free domain name
  • Free SSL Certificate
  • Unlimited storage and bandwidth

How to Save with WebHostingPad

The best way to save money with WebHostingPad is to wait for a holiday sale. At present (Christmas) it is as cheap as $1.49/month which is ridiculous. The normal starting price is $1.99/month for web hosting or $2.99/month for WordPress hosting.

Best Web Hosting FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

In simple words, web hosting is an internet service that allows you to store your website files on their servers. The hosted files could be your web pages, images, videos or any content you need to be available for your website.

Definitely, you can but it comes with a lot of maintenance. Depending on your operating system (e.g. Windows, Linux) you would have to install different software e.g. WampServer, phpMyAdmin, and WordPress. 

It is just an example as there are many configurations available. 

Then, you have to set up everything from scratch on your machine. After you installed all the necessary apps and created your website, the next thing is to make sure your computer/server runs 24/7 with zero downtime. In summary, if you are not a developer, do not bother. 

I am a developer myself and I would not do it, as I prefer to spend my time on creating great content instead of doing apps or server maintenance.

As we all know, nothing in this world is free. Free web hosting is there but it comes with a lot of limitations like limited bandwidth, storage, security, and on top of everything you have to deal with annoying ads. 

Because you do not pay for the service you cannot expect them to fix any issues as it is a free service so you take it as it is. I would strongly recommend purchasing paid web hosting. If you are short in the budget you can start from WebHostingPad and then scale up once your website or blog grows.

It all depends if you have a good business plan or you are a starter. Perhaps there are two options here. One, you have a clear plan for your blog with at least ten initial posts prepared already. 

Also, you are very familiar with your niche and you know that after your blog lunches it will grow fast as your content is great and you know what you are doing. In this case, the best option is to buy a discounted plan for three years with Bluehost.

On the other hand, if you are just starting your first blog and you want to learn through it I would not go for anything expensive and maybe start with WebHostingPad for $1.99.

Best web hosting providers offer and upgrade to your existing plan on their dashboard. When I started my first blog, I made a mistake as I purchased a plan for just one website.

Then, shortly after, I wanted to start my other blog so I had to upgrade to a higher plan with not such a good price if I had bought it initially. In general, try to look for a flexible option that allows you to have more than one website.


Domain privacy protects your personal information from being publicly available in the WHOIS database and hides important information like name, organisation, address, phone, email, etc.

It is strongly recommended to purchase a domain with domain privacy. Not all domain providers offer it for free, so when you search for a domain registrar they offer free domain privacy.

This is very dependent on a domain registrar. Some registrars offer domain privacy for free, in some, you have to pay an additional yearly fee. I always use NameCheap for my domains as they offer free domain privacy.

Do we have the following main types of hosting?

Shared web hosting – an entry-level website hosting. You simply share one server with other, multiple websites. This way all server resources like RAM and CPU are used by all these websites that may lower your website performance.

Virtual Private Server hosting – this type of hosting is in the middle of shared and dedicated hosting. Simply it is a virtual server that is created on a physical server allowing your website maintenance in its own space, but still sharing physical resources of the server it is installed on.

In a sense, it is still shared hosting but on a dedicated virtual server.

Dedicated Server hosting – in this type of hosting you simply rent a full server and your website is the only website on the server. As you assume, this makes your website running very fast and the server will handle a lot of heavy traffic. 

You have access to the full server and you can control everything. However, it comes with the price as dedicated hosting is the most expensive hosting option. It is normally used by owners whose websites have very high traffic.

Cloud hosting – in simple words, cloud hosting is a service that allows many computers to work together, running applications, and use computing resources. This hosting solution enables users to use computing sources as utilities. This solution type is very scalable, so you can start with low resources and scale up later.

Managed hosting – it is a packaged hosting solution that you can purchase and start using immediately. Web hosting providers offer different packages that are basically related to things like bandwidth, number of websites, storage, etc. 

It is up to the hosting provider to do all the configuration, maintenance, hardware replacement, patching, updates, and support. These days, most of the hosting packages on the internet are managed solutions.

Best Web Hosting – Executive Summary

Above I listed all I know about the best web hosting providers and I answered some typical questions. 

I think the best thing when you select a web hosting service is to see their reputation on the internet and also how long the company runs the service, do they give reasonable pricing, do they have almost 100% uptime and fast website load and good customer service. 

If I had to select my best web hosting provider I would go with SiteGround but others I listed here are similarly good. 

I hope this article helps you to select the right web hosting for your next, great website or blog. If you have any comments please drop a comment below as I would be happy to see your feedback. Maybe you know a different web hosting service you can recommend.

 Please drop a comment below.

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