How to rank #1 fast with Content Optimization tools

Content Optimization

Content optimisation must be part of every successful online marketing strategy, as nowadays, it is not enough to write an article and leave it on the internet. The good thing is that the technology evolves quickly and with the help of content optimisation tools we can step ahead of our competition. What is content optimisation? […]

How to send email from website securely and log everything?

How to send email from website securely and log everything

Having a website or a blog comes with responsibility. Knowing how to send email from websites securely is one of the things every blogger needs to know. Why default WordPress email settings are not recommended? Every blog you build have default email functionality build-in. It is used to send automatic emails when people fill the […]

How much do bloggers make? – blog, sell and earn big dollars

How much do bloggers make

Why do we write a blog? Normally, there are two reasons. First, we love what we do, so we write about it. The second, and most obvious reason is to earn money. So, how much do blogs earn and is it really worth it? I analysed different websites and asked some bloggers for advice to […]

20 Best Chrome Extensions for Bloggers

Chrome extensions for bloggers

One of the benefits of using Google Chrome as your browser is an extensive library of Chrome extensions for bloggers that can help you in blogging but also in some simple web activities you are doing every day. Considering there are so many Chrome extensions available it is very subjective to decide what are the […]

How To Create Payment Form

How to create payment form

Adding a form to your website where customers are able to make payments is vital if you want to achieve success and make more sales. Setting up an payment form is one of the options to get you more sales and increase your income. Why should you add a payment form The shopping landscape […]

How to be a fast writer? – 6 ultimate steps to succeed as a blogger

How to be a fast writer?

Nowadays, we have to learn how to be a fast writer. Statistics say that people who publish 16 or more posts per month have 3.5 times more traffic than people who post fewer than 4 times a month. Good posts have high-quality content, are at least 2000 words long, and include infographics, photos, and videos. […]

Is travel blogging dead during pandemic?

Is travel blogging dead?

Is travel blogging dead? Travel blogging is not dead, but it has changed.  It was hit hard by the pandemic but it is far from being over. Simply travel blogging is put on a standstill until the world recovers from all covid-19 implications. For me personally, it was a great time to reflect, find some […]

How to start a successful blog in 2021

Become successful blogger

How to start a successful blog? Well, the idea is simple. You know your niche and you are comfortable sharing your ideas with the world. Just start a personal blog, get some audience and start making money. It is that simple. Or is it? Not necessarily. Statistically, only 5% of bloggers earn real money and […]

19 different backlink types (outreach strategy 2021)

19 backlink types

Backlinks are the currency of the internet. Having high quality backlinks helps you build your website reputation and rank higher with Google.  There are numerous backlink types in terms of outreach strategy you can create. SEO different types of backlinks (in terms of quality) When building your backlinks you can have two different types of […]