How to rank #1 fast with Content Optimization tools

Content Optimization

Content optimisation must be part of every successful online marketing strategy, as nowadays, it is not enough to write an article and leave it on the internet. The good thing is that the technology evolves quickly and with the help of content optimisation tools we can step ahead of our competition. What is content optimisation? […]

Optinmonster Review – most powerful lead generation tool


Lead generation is one of the most important web activities that any website owner or blogger should do. Statistics are very clear that website revenue is strictly dependent on your email list.  Using one of the most powerful lead generation tools can greatly help you to build up your email list and contact information. In […]

How to scale email marketing for your new business?

How to Scale Email Marketing

Nowadays, email marketing is one of the best ways to stay in touch with your customers and create more revenue. However, when done incorrectly, it can harm your business causing many customers to unsubscribe and never come back. Knowing how to scale email marketing for your business is a must, especially for new businesses. What […]

20 Best Chrome Extensions for Bloggers

Chrome extensions for bloggers

One of the benefits of using Google Chrome as your browser is an extensive library of Chrome extensions for bloggers that can help you in blogging but also in some simple web activities you are doing every day. Considering there are so many Chrome extensions available it is very subjective to decide what are the […]

How To Create Payment Form

How to create payment form

Adding a form to your website where customers are able to make payments is vital if you want to achieve success and make more sales. Setting up an payment form is one of the options to get you more sales and increase your income. Why should you add a payment form The shopping landscape […]

10 Best SEMrush Alternatives (cheaper or free)

Best SEMrush Alternatives

In this article, I prepared the best SEMrush alternatives that can be used either for SEO, keyword research or backlink analysis. SEMrush is a very comprehensive toolset that can help you with fixing your website issues, finding long term keywords, building and maintaining your backlinks, finding marketing opportunities, creating and analysing ads and monetizing your […]

Semrush Review – 35+ amazing website tools to beat your competition

SEMrush Review

When I was asked to do a SEMrush review I was hoping this will be a simple task. I knew already SEMrush is a leader in SEO, SEM and keyword research but honestly, I did not expect the complexity and deep analysis it offers. Every SEMrush tool provides extensive information that you can use to […]

SEMrush – the best backlink building tool

SEMrush Backlink Building

Link Building – the best way to rank faster Whether you are a new site owner or an existing owner with some Domain Authority score, the best way to start ranking your website or rank it higher is to do backlink building on a regular basis.  In SEMrush this process is semi-automated and there are […]

SEMrush Site Audit – how quickly I fixed my website issues

SemRush Site Audit

Site Audit Nowadays, websites are very rich with content. It is vital to understand common issues with your website so it can load faster, is less confusing to users, and most importantly can be ranked higher than your competitors. I am a web developer so I can understand most of the issues that I discover […]

Best 2 platforms to play chess online

best platforms to play chess online

What are the best chess websites to play chess online? In this article, I want to share with you the best chess platforms to play chess online that I have used or I have been using myself to play and practice chess online. I am a chess player myself with over thirty years of experience.  […]