Constant Contact Review

Constant Contact Review – popular email marketing tool

Choosing the right email marketing tool for your business is not an easy decision. It is due we are all flooded with many shiny product ads that seem to offer you a perfect email marketing suite for your needs. In this Constant Contact review, we look at all features of this popular email marketing platform and see how it competes with other tools that are hot on the market these days. 

What is Constant Contact?

Constant Contact is a powerful email marketing platform to simplify your online marketing, drive sales, grow customer engagement and automate simple tasks.

They have been in the market since 1995 and since they became a very popular email marketing tool for more than 650000 organisations and businesses.

Over recent years they added many new features that other competitors don’t have like event management, appointment scheduling, social campaigns or digital product downloads.

Constant Contact Quick Facts

  • Founded in 1995
  • Headquarters in Waltham, Massachusetts, US
  • Founder: Gail F. Goodman
  • Serves more than 650000 customers
  • Key features: email marketing, email automation, contact management, marketing channels and engagement, surveys, websites, eCommerce
  • Cheapest plan starts from $20

Who is using Constant Contact?

As we mentioned Constant Contact are on the market since 1995 and over that time it had evolved to a very powerful and popular email marketing platform. They earned a good reputation and trust from well know brands.

Some of the biggest organisations that use Constant Contact are Demand Science, Platinum Payments, California State University, Optello, Mdlogix, Dress for Success, Pine Acre Resort, O’Donnell’s Market, PROP, MWW Group LLC and many more.

Constant Contact - Interface
Constant Contact – Interface

Constant Contact features at a glance

Email Marketing

Creating an email marketing campaign is very straightforward with Constant Contact. The tool is full of features that can help you design professional-looking campaigns. The email designer, like in many other competitor tools, is a drag & drop builder, so you cannot get lost. It is simple.

Constant Contact - Email Campaign
Constant Contact – Email Campaign

The additional features like inserting dynamic links in emails, automatically resending emails for people who did not open your emails, A/B testing are really useful to keep track and stay engaged with your subscribers.

There are over 100 email templates that you can use for your campaigns.

Email Marketing Automation

Email automation is where you set up a custom workflow that is triggered when the user interacts with your online form or website. With Constant Contact, you get the automation, but it is pretty basic and limited to simple triggers. It is enough for starters but if you need more advanced automation features reach out for MailerLite or ActiveCampaign.

Constant Contact - Automation Triggers
Constant Contact – Automation Triggers


If you have an online store, with Constant Contact you get eCommerce tools to help your online store to grow. Setting up Shopify integration is very easy with only a few button clicks.

Constant Contact - eCommerce Coupon
Constant Contact – eCommerce Coupon

Social Marketing

A very useful feature is social marketing where you can create and schedule posts on social media networks. You can create Facebook and Instagram ads that drive brand awareness, website traffic and sales.

Constant Contact - Social Media
Constant Contact – Social Media

Contact List Management

After setting up your account the first thing you normally do with an email marketing platform is to upload your contact list. With Constant Contact, you can do it by uploading a CSV file or integrating it with several external apps. It is also possible to add contacts manually.

Constant Contact - Upload Contacts
Constant Contact – Upload Contacts

The best way to make more subscribers is always by creating signup forms or dedicated landing pages that bring you, new subscribers, every day.

Contacts can be managed in segments and tags.

Segments are a group of contacts based on their activity and criteria. With tags, you can be more specific and create subgroups that are used for targeting in more personalised campaigns, e.g. contact hobbies or interests.

Constant Contact - Contact Managment
Constant Contact – Contact Managment

Tracking Tools

With real tracking tools, you can constantly monitor your email campaigns. Seeing things like who opened or clicked your emails is very important to understand who are your active subscribers. 

Email Plus

With the Email Plus plan, there are some additional features that can only be found in Constant Contact. You can go beyond the standard ways of email marketing and try things like live events, donations, coupons, online surveys and more.

Constant Contact Support

Constant Contact has a very professional support centre where you can find help articles and videos to help you in your email marketing journey.

There is also a community centre where people share their problems with email marketing. It is a great place to look before contacting support.

Another interesting way to engage is by attending frequent webinars to get your questions answered during a live Q&A session.

Constant Contact - Help Centre
Constant Contact – Help Centre

If you are still stuck, there is a chat support available between Monday and Friday and call support available between Monday and Saturday.

Constant Contact - Contact Support
Constant Contact – Contact Support

Constant Contact Professional Services

With Constant Contact, you can get additional help by hiring an expert to help your business. There are four services to consider.

Marketing Advisor

Marketing advisor is the cheapest professional service that you can get for $50/month. With this service, you get a dedicated marketing advisor, optimisation strategy, email designs with your logo and colours, advice on list segmentation, and advanced reporting.

Marketing Manager

A marketing manager is a dedicated person to help you with most of your email marketing tasks. It is not a cheap service, but a lot is included for $595/month. The service you get includes the below items.

  • Dedicated Marketing Consultant – create a business strategy and provide revisions.
  • Contact Management – full assistance with list management and segmentation.
  • Two Campaigns Created – the manager will create two email, social or web email marketing campaigns.
  • Account Setup – premium help with your account setup and tools
  • Advanced Reporting – any help you need to know about reporting and analytics
  • Content Assistance – help with the selection of professional images and content

I would recommend hiring a Marketing Manager if your subscriber list is big and you either don’t have time or professional knowledge to design your campaigns from scratch. At least, you can hire a professional for at least a month and see the result.

Professional Design

It is always best if your email campaign design matches your brand. With this service, you can hire a designer and get professional templates that match your branding, colours and logo.

You have two options:

  • Campaign Design – standard email template
  • Premium Design – advance email template

Animated Template Pack

If you want a more customized approach you can purchase one of the 9 packs that are available. Whether you are looking for a social setup, video ads, logo designs, website designs or landing pages you can find it there.

Constant Contact Integrations

Integrations are where Constant Contact really shines. There are 349 integrations to choose from. This list exceeds the number of integrations other competitors have.

Constant Contact - Integrations
Constant Contact – Integrations

Who should use Constant Contact?

I recommend using Constant Contact for any small businesses, bloggers,  non-profits and individuals. It is a very intuitive email marketing platform, but if you get stuck you can always use Constant Contact professional service.

If your database grows over 10,000 subscribers you have to switch to the Email Plus plan which gives you more options like dynamic signup forms, up to 10 users, email automation, event marketing, online donations, surveys, coupons and one on one consultation.

However, if you reach 50,000 you would have to ask for a custom quote. Maybe that sounds like a limitation but I think it all depends on your business needs.

If you are a beginner and looking for a tool with less limitation, a bigger subscriber database or more advanced automation check MailerLite or Active Campaign.

Constant Contact Review – Summary

Constant Contact is an intuitive and elegant email marketing platform. It offers a vast range of third party integrations that out beat other competitors. According to EmailTesterTool they have one of the best deliverability rates on the market.

The other features that are offered with the Email Plus plan can be really helpful in planning and directing your marketing efforts to reach better engagement with your website visitors and subscribers.

On the other hand, lucking features like Customer Relationship Management (CRM), webinars, conversion funnels or web push notification may put some potential customers away to tools like GetResponse.

By the end of the day, what tool you select for your email marketing is a very personal decision. With some tools, we feel more comfortable with some less. Some have an interface that we like and some had many features we may use in the future.

Constant Contact is on the market for more than 25 years and they are not going anywhere. If you have a small business or a blog don’t hesitate to start with a free trial below and test this renowned email marketing tool.

  • 60 days only for US and Canada (30 days for other countries)

I hope this Constant Contact review has shone some light on this tool and it will help you to make the right choice. Feel free to leave a comment below if you have any questions.

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