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Great email marketing with 24/7 support – GetResponse Review

Email marketing is hugely important when you have a website or blog. There are many tools on the market and most of them perform great when it comes to sending emails and managing subscribers.

In this GetResponse review, I found that GetResponse is one of the tools that expanded greatly in a number of awesome features, offering customers an experience that cannot be found in other email marketing tools.

What is GetResponse?

GetResponse is a globally trusted email marketing platform that offers all the advanced solutions of a modern marketing platform. 

The distinctive features that I have not found in many email marketing tools are webinars, paid ads, conversion funnels, and web push notifications.

Overall, it is a huge platform with an extensive set of marketing tools.

GetResponse Quick Facts

  • Founded in 1998
  • Headquarters in Gdansk, Poland
  • 7 offices located in 6 countries
  • 350,000+ customers in 183 countries
  • 400 employees across all countries
  • The platform is available in 26 languages
  • 34 agents in 24/7 support
  • Free plan available for up to 500 contacts and unlimited emails

Who is using GetResponse?

GetResponse is an email marketing brand that gained trust from many big companies like IKEA, SURVICATE, CD Project, Zendesk, Revolut, Stripe, Carrefour, Hilton, Henkel, AutoDoc, and many others.

GetResponse features at a glance

Email marketing

When you sign up for the GetResponse account you get powerful email marketing software that has professional email templates, easy design tools, and one of the best deliverability on the market.

In October 2021, GetResponse provided customers with a free plan for up to 500 contacts and unlimited emails.

Email marketing is only a start in your marketing journey. Features like newsletters, autoresponders, automated emails, automated blog digest, and transactional email can be extremely helpful in achieving your marketing goals.

The drag and drop email creator is beautifully designed with access to GIFs and stock photos.


Conversion funnels

These funnels are quite unique feature in GetResponse as you don’t find them in many email marketing tools. There are two types of funnels you can build.

Sales funnels – they are perfect if you want to simplify and automate the selling process with a ready-made funnel template. You put your visitors in a customer journey and act accordingly based on their behaviour.

GetResponse Review- sales funnel
GetResponse Review- sales funnel

Lead magnet funnels – if you want to build your subscribers list fast, the best way to do it is to generate a landing page, promote it on social media and monitor the funnel performance.

GetResponse Review - lead magnet funnel
GetResponse Review – lead magnet funnel

Marketing automation

These days automation is a key to success in any business that can implement it. With GetResponse, you can put your contacts in an automated customer journey and act based on their responses.


The workflow designer is very comprehensive and has almost as many features as in ActiveCampaign. You can capture and act on users’ behaviour by assigning tags, checking if they click a link or downloaded a product, and identify cart abandonment.

Based on the data you captured you can build individual contact profiles and monitor engagement scores.

GetResponse Review - automation workflow
GetResponse Review – automation workflow

Website Builder

With the recently introduced website builder, you can keep your online business in one place. 

There is no need to use any external website builders as with the GetResponse AI-driven and code-free builder you can design and lunch your website from scratch within a short time.

Considering you also have access to other tools like popups, signup forms, paid ads, web pushed notifications, and live chats, you can build, manage and grow your entire business within GetResponse.

GetResponse - landing page builder
GetResponse – landing page builder

Web push notifications

Web push notifications are an awesome feature that I have not found in many other email marketing tools. But, what are they?

GetResponse - alert type web notification

Web push notifications are notifications that can be sent to users via the desktop web and mobile web. They are alert-style messages that appear on the top or bottom corner and are delivered regardless of a user is on your website.

The main goals you can achieve by using web pushed notifications are:

  • Bring people back to your website – it is proven that returning visitors are more likely to convert than new ones
  • Convert visitors to customers – increase web push notification rates with custom opt-in forms
  • Optimize your marketing – web push notifications are the modern way in growing your business
  • Unlimited verbose notifications – customize your messages with timely offers and updates
GetResponse - web pushed notification

Live Chat

Another modern way to increase your conversions and getting more trust is to enable live chat on your website. 

You can add it to your landing pages or blog. The chat window is fully customizable and you set your welcome message, logo, pick the right colour scheme and style.

As you may not be available 24/7 it is possible to set your availability schedule. With asynchronous chats, you send automated away messages when you are not around and follow up with chats you get in the meantime via email.

GetResponse - live chat

Landing Pages

A landing page is a tool to convert your visitors into customers. A typical landing page has targeted content, offers, and a call to action button where users can register or purchase a product.

In GetResponse you can build unlimited landing pages from more than 100 templates. 

The drag-and-drop editor is easy and user-friendly. You can publish your landing page using GetResponse free domain if you don’t own one. Also, you get automatically SEO-optimized titles and meta descriptions.

As analytics is essential these days, you can track the number of visits, clicks, and conversions, run A/B tests, and integrate with Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, Facebook Pixel, and many more.

A typical use for landing pages is email automation, conversion funnels, and paid ads.


Webinars are another way to build trust in your brand and increase conversions and engagement.

With GetResponse you can build a high-quality online experience with easy access and interactive tools. You can customize your webinar URL, enable registrations, choose subscription settings and start collecting more leads.

You can have up to 1000 live attendees, share the stage with two other presenters and store up to 20 hours of webinar recordings. These on-demand, evergreen webinars, users can access by exchanging their email addresses, thus this way you get additional leads. 

GetResponse even created a free app to host webinars from your mobile.

GetResponse Review - webinar mobile app
GetResponse Review – webinar mobile app

Signup forms

Signup forms are a basic tool to get users to subscribe to your blog, register for an event or webinar or purchase a product. 

With GetResponse you can embed your forms in your blog or website, or create popups and scroll forms to get more conversions.

As you may notice through your experience or my other reviews, popups are not always part of the email marketing platform. Fortunately, GetResponse is one that has popups available.

GetResponse Review - exit popup
GetResponse Review – exit popup

Paid Ads

Paid Ads creator is another tool withing GetResponse to find new customers.

With targeted paid ad campaigns you can:

  • Engage existing contacts – target subscribers with content you know they like
  • Find new customers – locate people that have similar interests to your existing audience
  • Bring back landing page visitors – retarget people who did not convert on your landing page
  • Sell more products – create targeted product ads to increase your sales

There is also GetResponse Social Ads Creator where you can easily set up a social media ad and promote your products and services.

GetResponse Review - Facebook Ad
GetResponse Review – Facebook Ad

Are you ready to start using GetResponse for Free – Setup your free account here.

GetResponse 24/7 Support

With GetResponse every customer gets great support. I have used and reviewed eight major email marketing solutions and GetResponse is a definite winner.

They offer 24/7 support in eight languages and usually when you chat online you don’t wait more than a minute to get a reply.

GetResponse Integrations

GetResponse offers more than 60 integrations that can be easily browsable by goals and categories. If you have an integration that is not on the list you can submit a custom request.

GetResponse - Integrations
GetResponse – More than 60 Integrations

Who should use GetResponse?

Collecting email should be done by anyone who has a website or blog and offers knowledge, services, or products. They are many different business and roles within, so consider using GetResponse if are:

  • Marketing manager – reach your segmented customers with personalised messages and automation. Perform website tracking and live and on-demand webinars to attract more customers
  • Online marketer – use sales funnels, popup forms and autoresponders to put your customers in an automated journey
  • Entrepreneur – expand your business with email marketing and landing pages plus use paid ads to boost your traffic.
  • Large companies – go beyond limits with GetResponse MAX and get free onboarding, personal support, dedicated infrastructure on flexible terms

Also, you should use GetResponse when most of the below apply to you:

  • service that has all the advanced features of modern email marketing tool
  • A tool that has a sales and lead magnet funnels
  • You don’t want to change to a different tool in the future
  • You don’t need to use automation when you start
  • You want to use autoresponders and landing pages when you start
  • In case of any problem, you want it to be fixed fast with 24/7 support


GetResponse Review – Summary

I found GetResponse to be more than a typical email marketing platform. Apart from standard functionality, it offers other advanced marketing tools to excel customer experience and drive more conversions.

The real pros of GetResponse are web push notifications, webinars, popups, and paid ads. Options like this you don’t find in many other marketing tools unless you buy them separately (example: Optinmonster specialised in popups).

Also, with their 24/7 responsive customer support, GetResponse is a complete tool for any business.

If you are looking for a great marketing platform that has all options and you don’t want to change it in the future, GetResponse is the way to go.

GetResponse team tries hard to be more attainable for all businesses and in October 2021 they launched a free plan. This is great news, as this particular email marketing platform is very reach with features, and having a free plan is an awesome addition.

I hope this article helped you to understand what GetResponse is to make the right decisions. If you have any questions please put a comment below.

If you think GetResponsive is still not up to your standard read my ActiveCampaign review.

However, if you look for an even easier tool, read about MailerLite – a user-friendly marketing tool with automation in a free account.

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