How much do bloggers make

How much do bloggers make? – blog, sell and earn big dollars

Why do we write a blog? Normally, there are two reasons. First, we love what we do, so we write about it. The second, and most obvious reason is to earn money. So, how much do blogs earn, and is it really worth it?

I analysed different websites and asked some bloggers for advice to get a rough idea of when can you really start getting money out of your blog.

How much do bloggers make? – Assumptions

There is no easy way to compare blog to blog, so to make a better prediction of what to expect, I had to make some assumptions.

Let’s list them below.

Your content is 9 months old

When you start a new blog, you start posting your content. The sooner you publish your first 30 articles the better. It normally takes two months but I have seen bloggers doing it within one month – one blog post a day. This content has to be at least 9 months old for this analysis.

To make it clear, if you wrote your last post at the end of month 2, your content has to be 11 months old for the statistics to make sense.

Try to publish your first 30 articles as soon as possible to rank them fast.

Post length – 1200 – 1500 words

The first content you published was medium-sized articles with an average length of 1200 – 1500 per post. This way you can find out what works and what does not after your blog posts reach full maturity of 9 months.

Your niche popularity and performance

When you start a blog it is vital to select a niche that is popular but not too competitive. Some niches can perform better, and some worse. It is very subjective to put all blogs in one bucket, so the numbers presented below are possible outcomes.

Enabled affiliate links and Adsense

The estimated income below is based on the fact you added some affiliate links and an AdSense program on your blog. When you have a new blog it is almost impossible to be accepted and get really good affiliate programs, but you can always start from something.  There are many marketplaces to find your initial affiliate program. 

Once your blog grows, you get more traffic, and you will be able to get better affiliate offers or even negotiate your commission.

On the other hand, if you want to add Google Adsense to your blog, it is possible, even your blog is new. However, that your first Adsense earnings would be bigger than $15 per 1000 views.

Earnings Per Thousand Pages – EPTP

EPTP is the average earnings per day per 1000 pageviews.

For this analysis, I only considered websites with 10000 page views per month or over. The EPTP was around $30 per day. Thus, a website with 30000 page views should earn $2700.

How many posts did you publish per year?

Here is the most important factor of these statistics. You may have an overall feeling that the more blog posts you publish the more money you get. It is true, but how does it look in the statistics you see below.

Become a successful blogger
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How much do bloggers make?

Based on my research below are the numbers. We can never compare apple to apple but by looking at the numbers you may get a pretty good idea of how many page views you may have and how much money you should earn.

10 posts per year

When you start a blog you should not expect any earning for the first 9 months. There is a simple reason for it. Google has to find out what is your blog about and give you some authority. Once you have the authority, your pages will rank and you get organic traffic to your blog.

The below table shows the predicted results after the first 9 months. The assumption is you posted your first blog posts within the first two months of blogging. If it took you longer it means the below number will be valid after a longer time, e.g. 12 months. Thus it is important to post your initial content as soon as you start a blog.

10 posts per year Poor Average Outstanding 
Page Views < 50 400 1200
Earnings $0 $0 $10

As you see above the first 9 months you should mostly focus on writing good content and don’t expect much in return. If you get some income at this stage, that’s great. It means you are on the right path.

Read and learn how to publish posts quickly and be a fast writer.

100 posts per year

100 posts per year should be your minimal goal when you seriously think about profitable blogging. If you think about it, on average, it is one post per 3 or 4 days. I think it is doable, considering you only own one blog. 

100 posts per year Poor Average Outstanding 
Page Views 2000040000 – 60000Over 100000
Earnings $1000 – $3000$2000 – $5000 $2500 – $10000

Normally, it is much harder to reach the first $500, then go from $500 to $1000. It is simple. First 9 months you don’t have much traffic, not any Google authority. Once people start recognizing your blog and coming back to it, you soon notice increase traffic and dollars.

The above statistics for 100 posts per year can vary and you can take it only as a guide. There are many factors that can cause the numbers to up or down. What you see, however, once you publish 100 posts per year, it is the time you start earning money.

More than 100 posts

Getting to more than 100 posts per year can be really difficult unless you outsource your writing. 

Outsourcing is a good idea, immediately when you start earning some income. You can sacrifice some of your money to get a writer to write posts for you. This way you can start focusing on other things like blog promotion or creating your own product.

The below table show average earnings for blogs with 500000 views.

500 posts per year Poor Average Outstanding 
Page Views 100000 250000 Over 500000
Earnings $1000 – $4000 $5000 – $15000 Over $20000

As you see the earnings can really vary, but the possibilities are endless.

How much do bloggers make
How much do bloggers make?

How much is my blog worth?

Every blog can be listed for sale. Selling a blog could be very profitable and bring you a smile one day you decided to do so. But, how much do bloggers make from selling a blog? 

There is a simple formula to it. In 2021, the blogs are selling for a price of 25x to 50x the monthly net income.

For instance, if your blog income earnings are $30 (net – excluding expenses), you make get a minimum of $750, considering the multiplier is 25.

In general, the price multiplier is bigger for well-established blogs with good traffic.

For example, a blog that earns $10000 can be sold for $500000, with a multiplier of 50.

One thing to remember is when you sell a blog do it on the traffic and earnings incline, so the potential buyers will see there is a lot of room to improve your blog and get even more money.

How much do blogs make? – Executive Summary

What we see from the above statistics is that blogging is definitely profitable. However, it has to be done consistently and correctly.

There are many factors that can influence your earnings. The most important one is your content. If your content is unattractive, nobody will read it, thus no traffic will come to your blog. 

That is why niche selection is so important. It has to be something that you know and can write about and something that is popular, but not too competitive. Remember that if you know your topic you can always write about it.

Read in detail how to select a niche and start a successful blog.

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