How to Scale Email Marketing

How to scale email marketing for your new business?

Nowadays, email marketing is one of the best ways to stay in touch with your customers and create more revenue. However, when done incorrectly, it can harm your business causing many customers to unsubscribe and never come back.

Knowing how to scale email marketing for your business is a must, especially for new businesses.

What should I know before getting a new email marketing tool?

When you start a new business, whether it is a new blog or website, or something that has a physical location, it is important to understand how email marketing can benefit your business.

One of the first mistakes of new website owners is they don’t collect emails from the beginning. Once they realised it, they have lost already many potential subscribers.

Thus, the first thing to remember is you always collect emails when possible.

Before selecting the right email marketing tool you have to have a clear plan of how to approach your customers and what type of emails you will be sending. 

It does not matter how many customers you have in the beginning. What matters is to know your goal.

Can I just use Gmail for sending bulk emails?

No, you should not. There is a simple reason for it. Whereas you can send bulk email via Gmail or any free tool, you can get banned easily. Remember that many people who receive your email may mark it as spam, and if you have too many spam complaints Gmail will ban your account.

Instead, use one of the paid tools that have a free version.

What is the best tool for starters?

This is a very subjective question as we are all different and have different expectations.

What you should be rather asking is what features the new tool has and how it can help you with email marketing. 

The three most important features of a tool with a free plan, for someone starting email marketing, are:

  • At least 1000 subscribers – database should be reasonably big so you can have a good start without upgrading to a paid pla
  • Unlimited Emails  – having unlimited emails is another good option
  • User-friendly email designer and interface – has to be important as you will be spending some time with this tool

In addition to the above you should be looking for the below inclusions in the free plan:

  • Automation: set an off-hand workflow that works automatically for every subscriber. It could be as simple as sending a welcome letter that moment they subscribe and then, send a newsletter every week
  • Landing Pages: they allow you to set separate pages that are optimised for your email marketing campaign or you can use landing pages for your paid ads in the future
  • Segmentation: important feature to group your customers into logical containers letting you personalise emails to have a better effect

There are many other features to consider but the listed ones above are crucial to have a good start.

The tools to consider are:

MailerLite1000 Free Subscribers / Unlimited Emails
10000 Subscribers – $44
50000 Subscribers -$164
100000 Subscribers – $312
Moosend1000 Free Subscribers / 1200 Free Emails
10000 Subscribers – $50
50000 Subscribers -$210
100000 Subscribers – $360
SendinblueUnlimited Subscribers / 300 Free Emails
10000 Subscribers – $32
50000 Subscribers -$105
100000 Subscribers – $150

In the above table, I also listed a possible price for 10k, 50k and 100k subscribers as this is important when you scale email marketing for your business.

Let’s briefly summarize all of them:

Moosend – offers the cheapest option, 1000 subscribers and unlimited emails plus marketing automation from that start. Also, they allow you to upgrade to a pro plan gradually. For instance, when you reach 1500 subscribers you only pay $8.

MailerLite – a little more expensive than Moosend, with 1200 limitations with a free account. You can also gradually upgrade, but the price jumps are bigger. For example, $10, $15, $30, $50 – still very reasonable

SendinBlue – their free account has 300 email limitations, and also the next Lite upgrade gives you only automation up to 2000 contacts. Overall, the Business Plan can be even cheaper than other email providers, but you have to have a big subscribers database.

You really want to select the right tool from the word ‘Go’ as it would be a bit of a pain to move all email templates and automation tasks to a new platform. Click on the links above to learn more details.

In addition, you may ask yourself some other questions:

  • Will I be running into some limitations after my subscribers’ databases grow
  • Does the selected tool has an easy to use interface and a 24/7 support team
  • Will I be provided with live statistics and be able to segment the automated workflows in an easy way
  • Can I have multiple users under one account

Should you be doing email marketing by yourself only?

When you start a business you always try to save on costs, so doing it yourself or with a help of a partner is a must in the beginning.

However, don’t be scared! 

This is why I mentioned email automation is super important as your secondary feature. Some people think that doing email marketing is preparing and sending emails every time you decide to do so.

These days businesses would struggle if the whole process would be that time-consuming. Not without a reason we invest in technology and bring new solutions to every realm of business.

This is where email automation comes into the picture.

Email Automation is the best option to beat the competition

Every good email marketing tool should have a good automation workflow designer to use for your campaigns.

The way it works is, you create a new workflow, save it and that’s all. Your emails are being sent automatically. 

For example, if you decided to send email newsletters every week you can do so with a few clicks. 

Most of the tools have an option to read your website RSS feed automatically, so the latest blog posts are selected automatically every time an email is scheduled to be sent. As simple as that!

MailerLite - Automation Workflow
MailerLite – Automation Workflow

Scale your campaigns when you grow your subscribers

After your website traffic grows and you start sending automated emails you also start seeing a lot of statistics about your subscribers. These statistics help you to understand what works and what does not.

One of the features that can help you with that is A/B Testing. The way it works is, you prepare two versions of the same email and send them both to a small percentage of your subscribers. 

After a few days, you should be able to see which email template had a better reaction with your target audience and use that email template to send it to the rest of your subscribers.

Another way, considering you have this information, is to segment them with a help of custom fields. For example, if you have a field on your subscriber form called ‘What is my favourite sport?’ you can use this field to create sport interest segments in your database.

Then, you can create separate, personalized emails for all individual sports. This way you will make a strong connection with your subscribers and there will be less chance they drop from your email list.

The above are just examples of what you can do to scale email marketing for your business, but there are so much more to it, so let’s summarise.

Sendinblue - A.B Testing
Sendinblue – A.B Testing

How Scale Email Marketing – 20 Best Tips

According to Agile CRM below are listed the most useful tips for your email marketing.

  1. Use a good automation tool for your email marketing
  2. Use built-in email templates to save time
  3. Brand your email templates and make them personal
  4. Emails – collect, collect, collect
  5. Use contact segmentation for better personalisation
  6. Always send a welcome letter
  7. Schedule and send your newsletter
  8. Include images in your emails
  9. Inside your email limit your links to not confuse your reader
  10. If you have the right tool use email lead scoring to analyse your effectiveness
  11. Use appealing subject lines and emojis in the email body
  12. Do A/B testing
  13. Determine the best time to send email campaigns to increase the engagement
  14. Give a subscriber an easy way to unsubscribe
  15. Leverage past customers by engaging them with product offers
  16. Send a holiday email
  17. Use videos in your emails
  18. Always test your emails with your account before sending
  19. Always provide good email content and don’t spam your subscribers
  20. Measure your campaigns and learn how to optimize them.

How to scale email marketing –
Executive Summary

Email marketing can be overwhelming especially at the beginning. Starting your email campaigns and set up everything from scratch might take some time, but the effort you put in can bring you real benefits in the future.

Doing it right from the beginning is very important as wrongly set campaigns can harm your business.

Thus, always focus on quality and good email content. Deliver the information your subscribers look for. Email marketing is a long going game as the main purpose of it is to build a strong relationship with your subscribers.

Scale your effort as you grow. Whether it will be a more comprehensive email campaign or hiring new team members, your effort has to be targeted to bring more customer engagement which means more revenue.

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