MailerLite Review

Mailerlite Review – most affordable online marketing tool

These days it is not easy to find an online marketing tool that combines advanced features and relatively low prices for starters.

Email marketing tools often don’t have a free plan or their lite plan is too expensive to start for a small business. Some tools offer a free plan but usually, it is limited with only basic features.

With this MailerLite review, we see that you get most of the advanced features with a few exceptions even with the free plan. 

Going a step further if you sign up for a free account through the link below you get a FREE 30 days trial with all premium features.

What is MailerLite?

MailerLite is one of the easiest, featured loaded, web-based online marketing tools used by 600000 users worldwide.

At first glance, MailerLite looks like a tool with an easy, user-friendly interface with very sophisticated features. Their website is very clear and the learning resources they provide look very impressive.

Why did they call it Lite?

Many would ask, how an email marketing tool can be Lite? Does it lack some features? Or maybe, it can be only used by a small business? Or maybe there is another version with all the heavy features?

After reading a full story about MailerLite, I understood it is not exactly like that. 

Being ‘Lite’ means rather having a customer-friendly approach that removes complexity while still offering advanced features. 

MailerLite philosophy is to provide intuitive solutions for complicated tasks and help customers grow together.

Quick Facts MailerLite?

  • Founded in 2005 but since 2010, MailerLite is their main focus tool
  • More than 900,000 businesses, start-ups and freelancers around the world trust MailerLite
  • MailerLite send more than 1 billion emails every month
  • Headquarters located is in Vilnius, Lithuania – half of the MailerLite team works remotely from 32 different countries like France, Singapore, Mexico, USA and Poland
  • The average age of MailerLite team members is 28 year
MailerLite Team
MailerLite Team

MailerLite is free forever

When you create your account with MailerLite you get 1000 subscribers for free and up to 12000 emails sent every month. Thus, if you have a small database of users, you can use MailerLite for free forever.

However, if you want to send more than 12000 emails per month and you still have less than 1000 subscribers you can upgrade to a $10 cheap premium plan and you will enjoy all premium features.

Once you pay for a premium plan you can send unlimited emails and your price only grows gradually together with your subscribers’ database.

Who is using MailerLite?

MailerLite was featured in 2019 in SaaS Magazine and was recognized as the 5th fastest growing SaaS business worldwide.

Many big brands use MailerLite as their online marketing tool: GoPro, BMW, Good Life, Bored Panda, Design Connected, Typeform, and many others.

What you can do with MailerLite?

The main purpose of using MailerLite is to do robust email marketing to grow your subscribers and build a stronger relationship with your brand.

Below is what you can do with MailerLite at glance.

Create marketing campaigns

  • Newsletter templates
  • eCommerce campaigns
  • Easy drag & drop editor
  • Rich text editor
  • Custom HTML editor

Grow your audience

One of the best features of MailerLite is an intuitive design with many ready to go templates that include:

  • Website Builder
  • Landing Pages
  • Pop-ups
  • Embedded forms
  • Subscriber management

Deliver the right message to your subscribers

One of the most important features of online marketing is personalisation. Succeeding with generic email is not something that happens these days as there is too much competition. 

You have to segment your subscribers and automatically send only emails that are relevant to them.

With MailerLite automation, you can design the process and schedule it to run in the background. This way, every time somebody interacts with your website they will be part of your email journey. Below are the MailerLite features that can help you with that.

  • Segmentation
  • Email automation
  • Personalisation
  • Interest groups 
  • Promotion pop-ups

Optimize campaigns

Optimizing is another important feature that can bring you a better result. If you send an email and don’t analyse the results, how you can know if the email you sent was good or not.

By doing split testing with MailerLite you can send up to five versions of the same email to small groups of subscribers. Later, after a few days, you check what email version performed better and send the better version to the rest of the group.

Normally you would do the split (example for two email versions): A – 15%, B – 15%, Final Send – 70 % with the email winner.

In summary, this is what you can do to optimise your campaigns.

  • Split testing
  • Email delivery by time zone
  • Auto resend
  • RSS campaigns

Track your results

Good reporting is a base to succeed in email marketing. Remember that all your competition use good marketing tools and they analyse their data. If you do the same with MailerLite you can step ahead of your competition.

Every marketing campaign is a learning curve, where you can adjust your strategy as you go and check what is best for your business.

To do that MailerLite has:

  • Campaign reports
  • Surveys
  • Click maps
  • Opens by location

Now, let’s dive into all major MailerLite components.

Setting up your MailerLite account

Creating an account with MailerLite is as simple as clicking on the sign-up link and providing your details. 

Get 30 days of all premium features on your free account with the link below.

The next thing after creating your account do is to get it approved by MailerLite.

MailerLite Review - Account Setup
MailerLite Review – Account Setup

It is not a complicated process. You only need to provide more information about your business like address, time zone, answer some questions, and understanding MailerLite Anti-Spam policy. 

When you are ready you click on the Request Approval button. This is where you provide your domain name and that’s all. It takes up to 24 hours to get approved.

If for any reason you did not get a reply or your account was rejected, feel free to contact MailerLite as they provide good customer service and will help you resolve the problem.

MailerLite Subscriber Management

Subscribers can be managed through a feature-loaded interface within MailerLite. 

The main segmentation is done through groups, fields, segments, signup source, signup date, time zone, campaigns, automation workflows, and time of inactivity

MailerLite - Manage Subscribers
MailerLite – Manage Subscribers

On the top of the subscribers’ table, you have an Actions button that allows you to add or remove subscribers to a group, unsubscribe them or delete their account from the list.

By deleting you only remove them from a group but they still exist in the system. However, if you want to physically delete them you have to navigate to a particular subscriber and click on Actions -> Forget

MailerLite - Forget Subscriber-min
MailerLite – Forget Subscriber-min

MailerLite Forms

Forms are usually used to build your mailing list. It could be a subscription form or a newsletter signup and normally you place them where your readers are most engaged.

MailerLite allows you to create three types of forms: pop-ups, embedded forms and promotions.

MailerLite - Three forms type
MailerLite – Three forms type


There is a big library of form templates for any occasion. Once you choose the right template, you are able to edit all its components using the right menu.

The most important setting for a pop-up form is its placement. You can select from the top, bottom, left-right, bottom right corner, bottom left corner, and full screen.

Also, within the form, you can use blocks like text, image, countdown, social links, or divider.

MailerLite - form design
MailerLite – form design

Embedded forms

Embedded forms are a little bit different. These forms you put on your website directly. After you design the form you can take the form URL and use it as a little landing page. Also, you can share the link on Facebook so people can sign up for your website.

Promotional pop-ups

These pop-ups can enhance your website and bring you either more sales or subscribers. There are many types of promotional pop-ups so let’ look at them briefly.

Mystery Sale – you can customise this pop-up and create a sale page with a discount

Survey pop-up – creating a survey on your website can increase customer engagement. You can customise the form to add any text, images, fields, or change colours and settings

Product pop-up – a template for product promotion. It can show a product picture and a discounted price to engage customers for purchase.

Mobile app pop-up – encourage your website visitors to download your app

Webinar pop-up – encourage your website visitors to join a webinar

Social pop-up – encourage your website visitors to engage in social media

Schedule maintenance pop-up – inform your website visitors about your website maintenance so they know in advance if your website is offline

Limited-time discount pop-up – create an urging sale offer by displaying a counter in your pop-up; this can encourage your customer to buy your product as it may not be available after the time ends

MailerLite Campaigns

A campaign is an email that you send to your subscribers. The mail campaign can be designed with a few simple steps. 

In the first step you select a subject, who is it from name and email, and language.

MailerLite - Create email campaign
MailerLite – Create email campaign

In the second step, you design your email. I recommend using a drag & drop editor as it is super easy. Once the email is designed you can preview it on desktop and mobile and also set a test email account to see how the new email looks in your mailbox before sending.

In the third step, you select your group subscribers. If you don’t have any groups yet, you can return to your subscriber list and create it there.

Once the third step is complete you will get a summary page with all the previous steps. Here you can preview your email campaign and also send a test email.

MailerLite Review - Campaign Preview
MailerLite Review – Campaign Preview

In the last step, you can send an email now or you schedule it for later. The whole process is very straightforward and it does not take a long time to familiarize with the interface.

MailerLite Automation

One of the simplest automation tasks is to create a form with a free download option on your website.

So, to do that, you create a double opt-in thank you form with MailerLite with a workflow trigger. When they provide their email address and click on the subscribe button they receive a Thank You page with a link to download the file.

This strategy works well as usually website viewers are more willing to subscribe if they receive something in return.

MailerLite - Double Opt-in Thank You form
MailerLite – Double Opt-in Thank You form – simple automation

The above is just a simple example of automation but the real value of MailerLite comes with the automation builder.

With automation, you can put your subscribers into their email journey. The journey normally starts from the moment they sign up for your website. Then, it is entirely up to you to design any process you want using automation. 

It is really important to provide good value every time you send an email and not to spam anybody. The whole purpose of the email journey is to build strong relationships with your subscribers. 

While providing good email content it is typical to also send some product offers and discounts to bring more sales.

Within MailerLite you can segment your subscribers to send personalised content that is based on their behaviour.

The automation builder is very intuitive and enables to build of a new workflow within minutes.

MailerLite - Automation Workflow
MailerLite – Automation Workflow

Once you build your automation it is important to track your results. MailerLite provides an activity report that informs you about the subscriber’s states within the journey.

MailerLite - Track your automation
MailerLite – Track your automation

MailerLite Integrations

With more than 120 MailerLite integrations, you can easily connect your account with other apps and services. 

Each connector has a landing page with a full description and instructions. Note that every app or service is different so the best way to understand how it works is to read about it from the MailerLite help page.

MailerLite Review - Integrations
MailerLite Review – Integrations

Also, it is important to mention that MailerLite has a developer REST API so you can build your own logic and connect your account to any service or website.

MailerLite Sites

Apart from creating individual landing pages that serve a single purpose, you can also build a full website. A typical website has a Home, About, and Contact page. Then you can add your own.

Any website you create is fully customizable and you can change anything like layout, templates, font, colours, SEO, and analytics settings. You can also connect it to your domain.

Below are the MailerLite unique features that I found very useful.

Landing Page Surveys

Did you know that you can integrate surveys into your landing pages? MailerLite gives you this option. You can implement the survey anywhere you want on your page. 

Surveys are great for lead generation as they engage potential customers. You can ask people to leave their email in exchange for a freebie or discount.

Landing Page Quizzes

Similar to surveys quizzes can funnily engage your subscribers to generate more leads.

On each landing page, you can insert only 1 survey and 1 quiz.

Split Testing

Split testing is used to test your landing pages before sending the email to most of your subscribers. You can create up to 5 different landing pages, and that’s a pretty good feature as other tools offer only 2 pages.

Landing Page Anchor Block

Anchor block is a way to automatically guide your visitors to the right place on your landing page. It is handy when your page is longer than the screen size and you want to drag the attention to the element that is located somewhere below.

If you have multiple websites you can manage them with MailerLite under one account.

MailerLite Review – Executive Summary

I found MailerLite as a very intuitive online marketing tool. It has all the features that any good marketing tool should have. The interface and user experience is great and their email and newsletter design together with excellent customer service are hard to beat.

It is one of the few email marketing tools that give you automation in a free account.

I also liked their text and video tutorials so if you get lost it is super easy to find a solution.

Recently they started MailerLite Academy where you can learn about the fast-growing email marketing industry and also get certified.

MailerLite is ideal for any freelance or small business that wants a tool that is affordable and has all email marketing features. 

I hope this MailerLite review will help you to select the right email marketing tool for your business.

MailerLite Review - 30 day trial

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