Optinmonster Review – most powerful lead generation tool

Lead generation is one of the most important web activities that any website owner or blogger should do. Statistics are very clear that website revenue is strictly dependent on your email list

Using one of the most powerful lead generation tools can greatly help you to build up your email list and contact information. In this Optinmonster review, I answer some hot questions related to lead generation and email marketing.

Also, I answer why you should use Optinmoster lead generation and not the default lead generation popups and landing pages from your email marketing provider.

Why lead generation is important?

Before I dive into Optinmonster details, let’s summarise why lead generation is important.

  • Don’t lose your website visitors – more than 70 % of website visitors leave your site and never come back. However, if you capture their email, they remain with you forever
  • Target desired customers – by capturing additional visitor information and analysing their behaviour you can target them precisely with personalised campaigns
  • Generating brand awareness – if you stay in touch with your visitors, after a while they know your brand, thus they might even share it with their family and friends generating you more leads
  • More leads -> More customers -> More Profit – I think this is simple. The more contacts you have in the database the more possible it is to generate revenue
  • Easiness – the process of lead generation is very easy but has to be done correctly 
  • Little cost – comparing to other advertisement strategies the cost for lead generation is minimal

Popup Statistics

When we think about pop-ups, the first thing that comes to our mind is that they can be really annoying, so we bother using them? Do popup really work?

To answer this question, let’s see some statistics gathered by SmartBug.

  • Pop-ups have a 2% click-through rate which is better than any other ad type
  • BitNinja increased its number of leads by 114%
  • Copyblogger found that pop-ups increased their email optins immediately

Obviously, 2% is not much, but if you have 20000 visitors on your website, it means 400 new signups every month. This is quite a lot.

These dry statistics only prove that pop-ups do really work, but you can only achieve the best results by setting them smartly.

What is Optinmonster?

The first time you see Optinmonster, you may think how does it differ from other tools email management tools like MailerLite, Moosend or Sendinblue. 

The main difference is that Optinmonster is a powerful lead generation tool with comprehensive lead generation mechanisms that other tools may not have. The main purpose of Optinmonster is to build your email lists. 

If you want to send a newsletter to your subscribers and do automation workflows based on segmented contacts, you must use an email marketing service.


Optinmonster Quick Facts

  • Founded in 2013
  • Located in West Palm Beach, Florida, United States
  • Originally started as a WordPress plugin
  • Now it is hosted service where you can manage your campaigns under your login
  • Over a billion people see a website with OptinMonster per month
  • Over a million websites are using OptinMonster

Optinmonster Quick Facts

Optinmonster is a real monster in designing a comprehensive popup with custom display rules that can appear on any part of your website.

The bigger and more complex a website is, the more sophisticated solutions it needs to attract new customers and build revenue.

The following 10 top big brands recognised Optinmonster as their lead generation tool:

  • Amazon
  • Wallmart
  • McDonald’s
  • Kellogg’s
  • Colgate 
  • Pinterest
  • L’Oreal
  • Esquire
  • Entrepreneur
  • IKEA

The above list is just a sneak peek stating that Optinmonster can quickly increase your lead generation as well known brands have proved it already.

What marketing goals you can achieve with Optinmonster?

Optinmonster team have put a great effort to optimise the platform to maximize lead generation and sales conversions for any customer.

There are three main areas that Optinmonster is best with.

  • Growing your email list
  • Reducing cart abandonment
  • Increasing sales conversions

You can design a beautiful opt-in form that is based on 65+ high-performing templates with the drag and drop builder. The forms are mobile-friendly.

One of the distinctive features of Optinmonster is powerful targeting and segmentation based on user’s behaviour. You can set the popups on specific pages and have dynamic text replacements.

With A/B testing you can take your marketing decisions to the next level. Instead of having one form, you can test various options with different headlines, content, layouts and style and see what works best.

You can act immediately if the user abandons the cart and increase your abandonment and conversion rate if you sell products.

Why not use popups from your email marketing service?

The first thing you notice when searching for email marketing services is that most of them offer basic modal form functionality for lead generation or they simply lack this feature.

If the email service offers the modal popup option they usually have a good web drag and drop interface to design your form and limited functionality for the form placement and visibility settings.

The real difference comes when you want to apply more complex popup functionality or display rules to your website. This is where Optinmonster shines and other tools may struggle.

Let’s compare a few examples from well-known email service providers.

Pop-up display rules in MailerLite

MailerLite is an email marketing tool where you can generate popups, landing pages and create newsletters etc. 

It is the only tool that offers automation in their free plan, so it is a great solution for a small or medium business.

When you design a popup with MailerLite, in the final step you find the display settings. The popup can be configured to show after a few seconds, after users scroll the page or if the user leaves a page. However, the exit intend does not work on mobile in MailerLite.

Also, you can configure frequency, set a schedule, or displaying the popup on specific pages.

Read in detail about MailerLite.

MailerLite - Popup Display Rules
MailerLite – Popup Display Rules

Pop-up display rules in Moosend

Similar to MailerLite, you can create popups with Moosend. After you design a popup you can specify visibility settings.

The basic settings are displayed on the visit, display on exit, display on click. In addition, you set a time for how soon you want the popup to appear for a user (example: 2 weeks after the initial popup).

Moosend - Basic Settings
Moosend – Basic Settings

The good thing is the Moosend has also Advanced Conditional Form Visibility Settings where you can set up multiple rules for showing the form of hiding the form. 

The rules can be based on URL path, cookie, country, device type, and operating system.

Moosend - Advanced Conditional Settings
Moosend – Advanced Conditional Settings

Read a full review of Moosend here.

Pop-up display rules in ActiveCampaign

ActiveCampaing has four different types of lead generation forms including modal forms. The display settings are basic, but you can integrate the form with a lead generation tool like OptinMonster.

Optinmonster Review - ActiveCampaign Forms
Optinmonster Review – ActiveCampaign Forms

Read more about ActiveCampaign.

Pop-up display rules in Sendinblue

There are no popups available in Sendinblue, but you can connect the Optinmonster form with the Sendinblue platform.

Read more about Sendinblue.

If you look for an all-in-one tool that offers an email marketing suite and basic modal form generation you can use MailerLite or Moosend.

However, if you look for a sophisticated popup builder with extensive display and trigger options, Optinmonster is the way to go.

What are the features of Optinmonster?

Drag and drop builder

With a well-designed interface where you can simply drag and drop components, it is easy to create a form from scratch or with one of the 65+ templates. My foremost favourite feature is animation and sound effects that can grab user attention quickly.

Wide range of campaign types

You can select from many options that fit your business scenario: lightbox popup, scroll box, countdown timer, inline form, welcome mat, floating bar, coupon wheel opt-in, sidebar form or content locker.

Comprehensive campaign triggers

Detecting users’ behaviour with smart triggers is important as displaying the right form to the right person is the way to go these days. There are 8 triggers that you can use: 

  • Exit intent – when user want to leave your site
  • 2-step optin – use the psychological Zegarnic effect to grab your subscribers. When people start something they want to finish it off.
  • Timed display – showing your campaign at the right time
  • Html elements – display your form based on Html elements on your page
  • Scroll trigger – example, when visitor scrolled to 50% on your page
  • Inactivity sensor – detect if the user stayed idle and wake him up with a popup.
  • Campaign scheduling – decide the best time to run your campaign
  • Javascript variables – display the form based on your custom variables

Precision targeted campaigns

Targeted campaigns are my other favourite feature within Optinmonster. This functionality really takes a lead generation to the next level.

  • Referrer detection – show a form only when a user comes from a particular website
  • Onsite follow – follow users’ behaviour and run a drip campaign that is triggered by user interactions
  • Geo-location targeting – campaigns that are based on visitor’s location
  • Device targeting – apply different campaign behaviour based on the users’ device
  • Page-level targeting – run a campaign only on some pages or even a section on the page
  • Onsite retargeting – treat your returning visitors with special offers that are targeted only for them
  • Cookie retargeting – store a custom cookie in the user’s cache and act on it with different messages
  • AdBlock detection – automatically detect if AdBlock plugin is enabled on users’ device and act with a custom form


Once you started collecting your emails, the next step is to connect them to a mailing service provider. This will allow you to group subscribers based on interests, any custom fields and use them in marketing automation or when sending newsletters or cold emails.

A good email automation platform also has real-time insides to help your sales and marketing teams to analyse what campaigns work best.

There are more than 30 email marketing services and 15 website builders and eCommerce platforms that you can integrate with from Optinmonster.

Optinmonster Review - 30+ Integrations
Optinmonster Review – 30+ Integrations


Optinmonster collects all the data in real-time to further use it in your analysis for your next campaigns.

Gathering this data is crucial to understand your visitors’ behaviour and you can use the insights to explore all the advanced features within Optinmonster.

How to design a sophisticated Optinmonster popup?

Planning is key to success so I recommend thinking about the architecture of your modal forms before creating it. This will save you a lot of time. A good idea is to plan it beforehand on paper or a whiteboard.

You can have multiples popups serving different purposes, but they have to be designed smartly to not annoy your visitors.

Selecting the right template

First, select your campaign type as a popup and choose a mobile-specific template from under the Device category. There are many templates to select from. For example, if you want to have a Click to Call popup there is already a template for it.

After that, specify your campaign name and what website you want to display the form.

Optinmonster Review - Select popup template
Optinmonster Review – Select popup template

Once you are in the form builder, I recommend selecting your colour profile first. Every website you manage has different colours, look and feel. By creating and using the right colour profile you make sure your form fits the page nicely.

If you have not created your colour profile you can do it by hitting the plus button.

After that, you can start designing your form by dragging and dropping text fields, images or buttons. The Optinmonster interface is live and intuitive and normally it does not take long to create a form. 

Simply you can see the changes immediately after you drop elements on the form.

If you want to have an image without a background make sure the image is in png format.

Also, Optinmonster made an addition of CSS animation effects (including sound effects) that can drive users’ additional attention.

Select the fields

Once you designed your form, decide what information you want to capture. Add or remove the fields you want.

The rule of thumb is, the fewer fields user has to fill in, the more probable it is they submit the form.

Optinmonster Review - Delete unwated fields
Optinmonster Review – Delete unwanted fields

Setting your popup display rules

Once your form is ready, the final, and the most important setting is to decide how the form is displayed and what will trigger it.

The displayed rules are where Optinmoster shines and steps above their competition.

The first part is to set up conditions. You can do it with a sophisticated interface where you can create logical rules with many conditions.

For instance, a rule could be based on user time on page, distance scrolled, current date, if a visitor clicked MonsterLink if the exit was detected or many more. You can set up as many rules as you want.

Don’t make your display rules over complicated.

Optinmonster Review – Display popup on exit intend only for contact page

In the second step, you decide whether to show Optin or Success view.

Optinmonster - Display Actions

The final step is a summarization of your actions to make sure you review it before enabling the form.

Connecting Optinmonster to your email service

It is possible to store your subscribers in Monster Leads, which is a list with filter and search functions.

However, It is recommended to connect your form with the external service provider of your choice. As I mentioned there are more than 30 email providers within Optinmonster.

I recommend using MailterLiteMoosend or Sendinblue for small to medium businesses and ActiveCampaign for medium to large businesses.

To integrate with your email service click on the Integration tab located on the top of the form.

Optinmonster - Connect to Email Provider
Optinmonster – Connect to Email Provider

Connecting your form to Google Analytics

It is important to capture any statistical data about your popup performance to further analyse it make better business decisions. 

Click on the Analytics tab to connect it with Google Analytics.

Optinmonster - Connect to Google Analytics
Optinmonster – Connect to Google Analytics

Optinmonster Review – Executive Summary

I looked at Optinmonster in detail and can say with great confidence, that it is a very sophisticated and robust lead generation tool. 

The options they offer for a small subscription fee is invaluable when you think about how many leads and conversions the popups can bring you.

Who should use Optinmonster?

I think that any business can benefit from using this tool. Whether it is a starting brand, medium-size company or corporate business, Optinmoster can really bring a change to your lead generation and increase your sales. 

If you just started a new website, you can definitely use one of the free plans offered by MailerLite or Moosend as they have popup forms with display logic. 

However, due to they are an email service, the modal popups they offer are not their main focus, thus they may lack some functionality that Optinmoster has by default.

I hope that this Optinmoster review gave you a good understanding of what Optinmonster is and how it differs from the functionality provided by email marketing tools.

Do you know any other lead generation tools like Optinmonster?

I am curious what is your opinion?

Please drop a comment below.


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