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Link Building – the best way to rank faster

Whether you are a new site owner or an existing owner with some Domain Authority score, the best way to start ranking your website or rank it higher is to do backlink building on a regular basis. 

In SEMrush this process is semi-automated and there are all tools you need to do the job. 

So, let’s start!

Why to do Link Building?

After I did SEMrush Site Audit for my travel website that you can find in my Site Audit post, I fixed all my issues and now it was time to reach other domains for backlinks. I already had more than 10 articles and I thought it would be a good time to broadcast my new website. 

Building backlinks is the best way to rank with google faster so the sooner you start building the backlinks the better. However, finding the best link building opportunities is not an easy task.

Read about 19 link building strategies to get high-quality backlinks.

In a traditional, manual way building backlinks is a pretty time-consuming process as you have to search for highly-rated domains and reach them by email one by one. 

Obviously, depending on your own blog domain rating and the reached website requirements the conversion rate for your enquiry can be very low. 

However, if you composed your ‘backlink ask’ email up to the highest standards your conversion rate can reach even 20-30%.

I realized that in SEMrush this process is automated and all backlink enquiries can be managed inside SEMrush. Let’s not step ahead and do the setup together and learn how to build backlinks.

If you don’t have a SEMrush account yet you can register it here for free. I got an exclusive 14 days free trial from SEMrush (normally it is 7 days).

Now, let’s start to learn how to build backlinks.

Link Building setup

When you click on the Link Building option under Site Audit in SEMrush you will be provided with a ‘Keywords’ screen. Here SEMrush will try to get keywords that you are ranked for automatically, but in case you have a new website you have to specify your own keywords. 

You can see that for my blog I selected a lot of camping related keywords.

SEMrush backlink building keywords

The next screen is the ‘Competitors’ screen. Again here, SEMrush will try to get a list of your top competitors but if you have a new website you have to provide a manual list. What I did, I simply typed in google ‘the best blogs about travelling around Australia’ and got my competitors list.

SEMrush Backlink Building - competitor selection

After that initial setup, you are provided with a link building dashboard. As this is a new setup, you have to first navigate to the ‘Prospects’ tab. As you see the whole magic happens here. Based on your keywords and competitors, you are presented with a list of possible domains you can reach out for backlinks.

SEMrush Backlink Building prospects

Link Building domain analysis

Before reaching out for backlinks it is important to analyse a domain first. SEMrush gives you an option to do so by expanding a domain for more details.

SEMrush Bink Building - domain details

The first and most important thing is the Domain Authority score (sometimes called Domain Ranking). I recommend creating a filter for the DA score greater than 60.

The other important factors to look at are: backlinks, referring domains and all parameters under domain health like toxic rank and dangerous signals. By viewing domain details you can quickly assess if you want to reach out for a backlink.

Once you decide if a domain is good, you can click on the ‘To In Progress’ button and the domain will be moved to in-progress status.

Link Building – In progress management

Once you select all domains for a backlink reach out, you can click on the ‘In-Progress’ tab and that opens your management portal. Here you can send emails and check their progress. 

As you can see on the below image I selected 23 domains and I was able to get in touch with owners by sending a personal email.

To send an email directly from SEMrush you have to connect your email account and give SEMrush the required permissions. 

I recommend creating a separate email account to just manage your backlink building strategy. This way you can see everything in one mailbox and you don’t have to filter anything.

By connecting your email with SEMrush you don’t even have to go to the mailbox as SEMrush automatically reads the emails and displays the status here. This way you can manage everything in one tool. 

By managing all backlink enquiries in one place you can save a lot of time.

SEMrush Backlink Building - in progress

SEMrush – Backlink Types

In the past when I started blogging and I heard about backlinks I thought that the best way to get a backlink is by doing guest posts. SEMRush clearly defines different backlink outreach strategies you can take. 

Use these backlink building ideas as a guideline for any website.

Manual Link

This option means you placed your link manually in a comment or forum and you can mark it in SEMRush for easier backlink tracking. If you select this option you do not send an email.


Use this option if you found a directory or catalogue website e.g. Simply ask to list a link to your business and do not forget to explain why your link would be beneficial to the site owner. 

Also, some directory websites have an option to add a landing page that can point to your site. There are also paid directory websites where you have to pay a yearly fee for your website to be listed.

Add link to article

This is simply asking the website owner to add your link to their site. You can use this option for websites that have weekly roundups. If you think your website niche is relevant there is a good chance they will add it. Sometimes this could be a bit pushy so make sure to describe how your post can benefit them.

Product Review

Use this option if you want someone to review your product. Make sure to describe in detail what your product does and highlight all its features.

Link from mention

If you found out someone mentioned your website you can ask them to add a link to your website. Make sure you thank them afterwards. Often if people love your content they will publish your link.

Guest post

If you feel confident about writing in your niche, you can ask to write a guest post on someone’s website. The reward for you will be the backlinks you place in the post.

Backlink Audit

I hope you were able to follow along and select your best backlink building strategies. After reaching many website owners and building your relationships the best way to check your new and existing backlinks is to go to Backlink Audit.

Make sure to connect your Google Analytics account so SEMrush can check all the statistics. 

There are a few ways to analyse your backlink audit but the most important one is to check the backlink toxicity score. SEMRush analyses if a particular link is a probable risk to your website and creates a toxicity score that is categorized as follows:

  • Less than 45 – the backlink is ok
  • 45 – 59 – domain is potentially toxic
  • 60-100 – domain is toxic

There are two ways of removing a link:

  • Contact the site owner – SEMrush automatically provides you site owner’s email
  • You can create a disavow text file and upload it to Google Disavow Tool

However, if you analysed the ‘potentially toxic’ link and you are certain the link is valid you can add them to the white list.

SEMrush Link Building

Executive Summary

There are many ways you can do backlink building and numerous backlink building tools on the internet to help you with the process. There is one simple solution of how to build backlinks.  I have tried many different tools but most of them did not have all the features I wanted. 

What I like about SEMrush is that it is an all-in-one tool, your website management portal where you can manage everything you want including backlink building. Before I started using SEMrush I did not even realize that backlinks are not only guest posts you can do on someone’s website, but there are so many other backlink building ideas. 

All of them I listed under ‘Backlink Types’ above.

In my opinion, SEMrush is the must go for any professional blogger or agency.

If you don’t have a SEMrush account yet you can register it here for free.

Read how to do SEMrush Site Audit to fix your website issues quickly.

Read in full a brief SEMrush review of 35+ features to help you beat your competition.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Yes, SEMRush offers a 7-day free trial so you can test it before you buy. You simply create an account and register for a free trial. This is how I started and only after the free trial, I decided to buy it.

Backlink building is an exercise of outreaching different domains and asks website owners to place your link on their website. Also, this can be achieved by doing guests posts, which is simply creating an article with your website link that is posted to a different domain.

But what real backlink building is, it is reaching high-quality domains and building long-term relationships by providing great content and enhancing other domains. With SEMrush you can learn the easy way of how to build backlinks.

There is no golden rule of which strategy is the best. Every website is different and has different content. The best way is to check all the backlink types strategies that I listed above and see what is working best for your niche website.

My backlink-building strategy is to mark my prospects and move them to the in-progress tab. Then, I analyse every single website and see, how I can provide value to the other website. Then, I contact them and I list some of my ideas in the initial email to see if they are interested.

SEMrush - Free Backlink Tool

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