How to create payment form

How To Create Payment Form

Adding a form to your website where customers are able to make payments is vital if you want to achieve success and make more sales. Setting up an payment form is one of the options to get you more sales and increase your income.

Why should you add a payment form

The shopping landscape around the world has changed significantly over the years and things we used to buy in physical shops, now purchased online.

If you consider what factors have such influence on people behaviour it is simple. Buying online is faster. There is a larger selection of items that you can choose from, you can browse many stores to get better pricing, and finally, you don’t need to leave your house. In addition, everything will be delivered to you electronically or by post.

Knowing the above, if you own a website, sooner or later you realize how important it is to add online payment processing to your website.

Three ways to add online payments

There are many different ways to add a payment processing option to your website. Some of them require more effort, but some are simple to set up.

Merchant account with a bank

This option requires you to set up a merchant account with your bank that lets you accept credit card payments online. You would have to talk to the banks and find one that offers the best solution for you.

Online payments service provider

There are many online services that will process payments on your behalf. 

Services like PayPal or Paymate offer different payment options for businesses for reasonable fees.

Payment Gateway

Setting up a payment gateway is one of the easiest solutions to set up for your website. With a payment gateway, you can link your shopping cart to your bank’s merchant facility.

Often small to medium businesses choose a payment gateway because it is much easier than setting up a merchant account with your bank.

Setting up online payments on your website is vital to make more sales and grow your business in the right direction

There are many payment gateways on the market including, Bambora, Stripe, Braintree, ProPay, and many more. 

If you are an customer or your think to be one, read on, as setting up an payment form with online payments via was never easier by using WPForms.

What is is one of the oldest and most established payment gateways. It was founded in 1996 and now it serves over 430000 merchants and manages over one million transactions.

Because of its longevity, has partnerships with most merchant providers and allowing payments from major credit cards, debit cards, or digital payments.

As it is easy to set up, is often the first choice for new sellers but also experienced users. It also accepts PayPal payments. Payment Gateway Payment Gateway

WPForms – the easiest way to add payment form

WPForms is a well-known form builder solution and is one of the best on the market. The form builder is intuitive and user-friendly allowing a non-developer to create and add a new form to the website with ease. 

Over 3000000 websites use WPForms to build smarter forms. Also, all forms built with WPForms are 100% responsive meaning they work well on mobile, tablets, and desktops.

That’s why, when I thought of adding an payment form, WPForms came to my mind immediately.

WPForms builder
WPForms builder

WPForms templates

WPForms template library is huge and contains any type of form you can think of including contact form, request a quote, donation, billing, newsletter, survey, and many more.

WPForms Templates
WPForms Templates

Three simple steps to add payment form

WPForms addon allows you to integrate your existing WordPress site with

After setting up this payment gateway you will be able to leverage the advanced fraud detection filters within and get payments from everywhere in the world. 

Your customers will be able to use all major credit cards, and you can even add an option to add a recurring payment option to your form.

There are three simple steps to add payments to your website.

Add addon to WPForms

WPForms - Add addon

Navigate to the WPForms menu, click on Addons, then add and enable

Connect to your account

Next, you have to let WPForms access your account. To do it, you have to connect to your account and grab your API Login ID that can be found under Account -> Settings -> API Credentials & Keys. 

You need to copy the API Login ID to your WPForms settings.

WPForms - Add API Login ID
WPForms – Add API Login ID

Next, you need to get your Transaction Key. To do it, navigate to Obtain -> New Transaction Key and click Submit.

WPForms - Get Transaction Key
WPForms – Get Transaction Key

Immediately you should get a popup to verify your identity. You will be required to copy a PIN that just arrived in your email. This is essential to make sure you are the one who is requesting access to the account.

WPForms - Verification for
WPForms – Verification for

Once your verification is complete, the final step is to copy the Generated Key into your Transaction Key field in the settings form.

Create a form and drag & drop

First, create a form using the Billing/Order template.

WPForms - Add Billing/Order Form
WPForms – Add Billing/Order Form

Then, you can add an payment form to your main form.

Once you successfully connected your account in the previous step, a new button will be added to the menu on the left. Just drag & drop the form – as simple as that.

Adding form by Drag and Drop
Adding form by Drag and Drop

Then, your customers will be able to enter their credit card information directly into the form along with other mandatory data. Also, note you can customise the look and feel in your editor if you want to change colours, font, background, etc.

If you want to add recurring payments, the form got you covered too.

WPForms - Setting up recurring payments with
WPForms – Setting up recurring payments with

The WPForms addon is available with the Elite licence of WPForms.

Addons and other useful features in WPForms

There are so many excellent features in WPForms and depending on the subscription plan you can use these features to further enhance your website.

Email Marketing Addons

  • ActiveCampaign
  • Sendinblue
  • AWeber
  • GetResponse
  • Drip
  • Constant Contact
  • Mailchimp
  • Campaign Monitor

Integration Addons

  • Zapier – connect with 2000+ apps with WPForms and Zapier
  • Webhooks – ability to send the form data directly to an external service without writing code

CRM Addon

Salesforce – send your contacts and leads to your Salesforce CRM

Payments Addons

  • PayPal – with this addon you can collect payments, donations and online orders
  • Stripe – another payment gateway to use with WPForms

Other cool features in WPForms

  • Custom CAPTCHA and spam protection – to make your forms anti-spam free
  • Instant notifications – respond quickly once someone submitted the form
  • Multi-Page forms – instead of building one complex form, split it into multiple pages to make it user friendly
  • Conversational forms addon – create an interactive form layout so it is more appealing to your customers
  • Smart Conditional Logic – add logic to your form to make it more robust
  • File Uploads – this will allow users to upload files or media along with their submission
  • Geolocation Data – learn more about the origin of your users by looking at WPForms geo data that is collected automatically
  • Post Submission Addon – you can allow users to submit a guest post or any other content
  • Signature Addon – very useful these days, will allow users to sign a form with their mouse or touchscreen
  • Form Abandonment Addon – you can even capture partial data if users did not complete to form
  • User Journey Addon – you can see what pages users visited before they submitted the form

As you see WPForm platform is packed with features and addons. There is always something to select and enhance your website users’ experience.

No coding is required and the interface is very intuitive. You can be flexible with the WPForms plan and select the features you want on your website.

Setting up the payment forms is a matter of minutes and the additional features of WPForms make this platform one of the best form builder tools on the market.

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