Why email markting is important

Why email marketing is important and 10 tips to succeed

Why email marketing is important?

First, let’s talk about how does it look from a normal person’s perspective. Everybody knows about email marketing as we all receive tons of emails every day. With any service that you sign up with, your email is automatically used in email marketing and immediately you start receiving messages.

Why do companies do that and is it still worth it?

Customer approach methods

There are many ways to approach a lead or customer and offer your services. In the past, when the internet was not very popular, and there was no email marketing software, the most popular methods were tv and radio advertisements, face to face contact, outside banners and ads, product labels, etc.

None of these old methods was measurable to the extend email marketing can be. When doing TV and radio ads, companies could see an increasing number of customers visiting their stores, and the advertised products would become more popular over time. That was the only visible measure in those days.

Email marketing has revolutionised the customer approach. Comprehensive marketing tools have a substantial amount of functionality to squeeze maximum engagement for a lead or customer with a goal of quick conversion. 

They become more robust and have more and more features like lead management, third-party integration, automation, segmentation, analytics and reporting, security, and usability.

So, how email marketing looks in statistics?

Email Marketing Statistics

There are many email marketing statistics but even the basic ones give us a feeling that this technique is still popular and it does not go anywhere.

Let’s look at some statistics that are the key to understand why email marketing is important.

  • the number of email users is estimated to be at 4.1 billion by the end of 2021
  • marketers constantly see an increase in email engagement and it is a growing trend
  • email newsletters are the best way to nurture leads
  • most marketers say that email engagement is the top metric to measure and track content performance
  • 81% of companies use email marketing software 
  • most subscribers say they unsubscribe if they receive too many emails, the emails are irrelevant or they did not remember signing up with a brand

Let’s briefly talk about the above stats.

Why email markting is important
Source: https://www.analytico.ca/

Number of email users will be soon 4.1 billion

That’s not surprising. The number of users who start using the internet grows every year. 

I recently watched a YouTube video about internet statistics. They said, in some countries, people don’t have a toilet or access to clean water, but they already have mobile phones. 

Saying simply internet is cool and fast. People love it as they can find all information they want.

Increase in email engagment

These days emails are not just text like in the past. They are normally well-formatted, have pictures or videos and their content is engaging.

I can clearly say that achieving continuous engagement with subscribers is not easy but email marketing tools can help with that.

Normally, you get a lot of free templates and suggestions while preparing your email marketing campaign.

In summary, email content is getting better and better, thus causing better customer engagement.

Email newsletters are best

A consistent customer approach is a key to success. There is nothing better than having a weekly or monthly newsletter that has your latest content.

If customers consciously signed up on your page, that means they look for information. If that information is delivered to their mailbox automatically, that’s even better – they wouldn’t mind and probably will engage with your content.

What is important to remember though, is to not do it too often. Nobody wants to receive spam.

Moosend - Newsletter Templates
Moosend – Newsletter Templates

Email marketing is best to measure

Email marketing is fully computerized. Everything is done and store on an online platform. With the latest technologies like Google tags, webhooks, and APIs it is possible to get more data when customers interact with your content.

This data is then aggregated and prepared for you in analytical reports.

Looking at the reports is the best way to understand your audience and see what campaign strategies work best.

Most companies use email marketing tools

There is nothing surprising here. If you want to beat your competition, you have to use an email marketing tool that offers the best functionality for your business.

How to avoid unsubsribers?

I mentioned this already but I think it is important to highlight the key things you should not be doing.

  • Sending too many emails – spamming your subscribers with too many emails can only have a negative effect.
  • Sending irrelevant information – the best way to avoid it is to first identify your potential subscriber. In other words, when they visit your website, they should be very clear about what to expect, especially if they subscribe to your newsletter. Then, send only information that is related to your website niche.
  • Subscribers don’t remember your brand – this situation may happen if you don’t interact with your new subscribers immediately after they sign up. The best way is to first send them a welcome letter and maybe in a week or two, send your first newsletter. This way, you will have a continuous engagement and they will remember you.

So, what are the best tips to succeed in email marketing?

Why email marketing is important?

It sounds trivial, as you may get the answer already, but let’s list all the important factors that decide why email marketing is important.

With emails you reach more people

Considering the predicted 4.1 billion email users by the end of 2021, soon everybody will have an email account. What it really means is that everybody who uses the internet has an email account.

Obviously, you cannot contact all people in the world, because you have to build your subscribers database first. However, what it means is that everybody knows how to use emails and emails are the preferable and non-intrusive method of contacting people.

Emails have continous engagement

This is one of the best features of email marketing and one of the main reasons you have to build your email list from the beginning.

Once you have your subscribers, thanks to email marketing, you can stay in a continuous relationship with them. In other words, you never lose them (unless they unsubscribe).

Moosend Automation
Moosend Automation

Emails drive conversions

This feature of email marketing has been already proven many times. Conversion is when your subscriber turns to a customer and buys your product.

Statistics say that the average click-through conversion rate for emails is 3%, while for Twitter is only 0.5% which means emails are 6x better.

Moreover, more than 4% of subscribers buy a product by clicking from email, compared to 2.5% use search engines and only 0.5% social media.

Emails have best return on investment (ROI)

Email marketing is only free at the beginning when you usually have up to 1000 subscribers. If you use tools like MailerLite, Moosend or SendinBlue you know they are great tools.

However, when you grow you have to start investing in a premium plan, and this is where you have to start thinking about ROI (Return On Investment).

Again, I have brought up some statistics. On average, every $1 you spend on email marketing will bring you a 3.8% yield – impressive, isn’t it?

Obviously, the above figure can be achieved if all aspects of your email marketing campaigns are done correctly.

Emails are measurable

What it means – emails are measurable?

Most email marketing tools have awesome statistics and reports. You can analyse this data and make business decisions for your next email marketing campaigns.

Things like gender, region, interests, or date of birth can be used for targeting potential customers.

Emails are affordable

That’s the best part of email marketing. Most email marketing tools have a free plan and normally you can start your emails campaigns for free with up to 1000 subscribers (depending on a tool). 

While you grow, you can gradually scale your premium plan to allow for a bigger database. 

Through my experience, I found that Moosend has the best, gradual plan upgrade which is very affordable.

Emails increase brand awerness

Indeed this is true. Once you start sending emails with your logo, pictures, and brand colours people will start remembering your brand. If they see your logo or banner in e.g. social media they know already who you are.

This way your brand becomes more recognizable and people will trust it.

Email is a preferable communication channel

You may ask: Is social media a better communication channel?

There is one thing about social media communication you have to know. Social media is for instant and fast messages that mostly bring enjoyment for people. Usually, people don’t expect to receive professional information that is formed in a consistent format.

Emails, on the other hand, are treated more like a business and professional medium and people do expect to get valuable content, especially if they subscribed to a service.

10 Best Tips to succees in email marketing

Stay in touch with your subscribers

The best way to stay in touch with your subscribers is by applying an automation workflow. You create an automated email process where your subscribers get consistent emails sent in scheduled time intervals. 

A simple workflow could be:

  • send a welcome letter
  • every two weeks send a newsletter
  • every month send best products with discounted prices

There are many different email marketing campaigns you can do and the above is just an example.

Sendinblue - Welcome Letter Automation

Provide good content and never spam

This is a key to success. Providing good content is a crucial factor to run a successful business.

If your content is great, people even share it themselves and this way will bring you more subscribers.

On the other hand, if your content is spammy or irrelevant it can cause a negative effect on your email campaign.

Put yourself in customer shoes

Try to imagine yourself as a customer. How would you design your email to encourage the user to engage with your content? 

What I am saying is that sending your subscribers a product offer may not be that successful. A better way is to try to convince users about a problem that your product can solve.

Use targeted messaging

Targeted messaging refers to sending customised messages to customers who are in a different stage of a buying cycle.

Some people may just join your subscribers’ list, some have bought a product already, some consider a purchase and some are your long-going customers.

Sending personalised messages is vital for proper customer engagement.

Offer freebies

A typical freebie you often see is a free item given to a person when they subscribe to your email list.

But, that’s not everything. You can offer freebies, discounts, or even polls to engage customers and as a result, you will get a healthy list of contacts for your business.

Create offers that expire soon

Create urgency for a purchase. You may send product offers with a link to a landing page with an offer expiration timer.

Mailerlite - Timely Offer

Segment and personalise your campaigns

Segmentation and personalisation are the two things that can really drive your business to the next level.

Good marketing tools have automation that can be set based on customer custom fields or predefined segments. You can set up email campaigns that are based on these segments, which means in practice that you send personalised messages to your subscribers.

The unquestionable leader in email automation is AcriveCampaign.

Read ActiveCampaign review.

Tell a story to disrupt lead’s confidence

Every person is used to products they use every day. There is no reason they have to change their habits now.

One of the newest email marketing strategies is to first send a few emails that tell your subscribers about a problem they may have or at least grow some uncertainty about it.

Only after some time, you may offer a product they may be interested in.

Scale your effort as your grow

In email marketing, you don’t have to invest a lot of money which is great.

You should always start free, and scale your efforts as you grow.

There is no reason to invest money in a better automation tool or hiring more people if you are at the early stages of your business.

Read more about how to scale your efforts in email marketing.

Measure your email campaigns

Read reports and statistics to learn how to improve your email campaigns. This knowledge is critical to understand your customer behaviour and based on this data improve your email campaigns.

Sendinblue - Sample Report
Sendinblue – Sample Report

Why email marketing is important? – Summary

I hope you don’t have any doubts about why email marketing is important these days. If you are still not convinced just look at the statistics. 

Email marketing is here and will be there tomorrow.  Doing it right, though, is super important, so make sure you stick to the best tips I provided above.

If you think about starting email marketing for your business you can do it with MailerLiteMoosend or Sendinblue as they offer the best free plans for beginners.

If you have any questions, please drop a comment below.

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